A skirmish broke out on board the plane over the veil

The dispute occurred while the plane was standing at Mesa-Phoenix Airport in Arizona. According to event witness Rylie Lansford, it all started with a man wearing a shield instead of a veil. Although the flight attendant explained that he had to cover his nose and mouth, he refused because he didn’t even have a mouthpiece. He was also said to be very rude to the crew.

A passenger sitting next to Lansford, one row in front of the initiator of the conflict, then intervened in the dispute. “It’s called covid,” he said, barking at the passenger, and the two men began arguing.

Security had to strike

According to Lansford, the other man was drunk and kept shouting that he needed to get home to see his mother in the hospital. “He cursed everyone and threatened the guy behind him,” said Lansford, who filmed the fight.

The men then began to claim that the other had to be removed from the plane, and their verbal skirmish soon grew into a physical one. Eventually, the plane’s personnel requested security intervention to take the unharmed passenger out.

“Here’s a taste of what we have to deal with,” said one of the flight attendants to Lansford, who praised the crew’s work for her great patience.

When the police arrived, they tore the two men apart and led the offender without a veil, while the other party to the conflict could stay on the plane and continue to the finish line. “It was annoying, I hope we can all be nice to each other,” Lansford added in a video describing the incident. “Wear a veil when you buy a ticket.”

An incident that took place last Saturday was also confirmed for the Independent server by a spokesman for the Allegiant Air airline. “We require all passengers to have their faces covered at all times to protect everyone around them,” the spokesman explained, adding that protective shields can be worn additionally, but not as an alternative.

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