Old Super Mario Bros. Limited Edition Cassettes Sold for IDR 9.5 Billion

IDXChannel – The 90s generation is definitely no stranger to gaming Super Mario Bros. In its day, arcade games captured the hearts of many. Even though it is old, Super Mario Bros. still has loyal fans today.

Some time ago, the Heritage Auctions auction in Dallas, United States, auctioned off a cartridge or cassette of the Super Mario Bros game which was released in 1986.

Quoting from the Japan Times, Tuesday (6/4/2021), the auction was opened at a price of USD310,000 or around IDR 4.5 billion. However, it turned out that the selling price exceeded expectations, because it was sold for USD660,000 or around IDR9.5 billion.

The tapes that are being auctioned are not arbitrary. There are several advantages, such as being coated with the original sticker and still sealed tightly. This Cartrige also received a score of 9.6 and the condition of the A + seal from Wata Games, meaning that its physical condition is still perfect and has never been opened.

In addition, these tapes are among the oldest Super Mario Bros. series. From the search results, this game cassette is known to be a limited edition copy of the Nindendo Entertainment System (NES) console released in late 1986.

This information was confirmed by the seller who did not want to be identified. He admitted buying it as a Christmas present that same year.

“This Super Mario Bros cassette has been stored under my desk since I bought it until now,” he explained.


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