Piers Morgan: – Claims he is supported after the Meghan massacre

The British journalist and TV profile Piers Morgan (56) can be said to be the one who has slammed the lip the most in recent years when it comes to Duchess Meghan (39), and has so to speak made sport in criticizing the duke couple of Sussex.

At the beginning of March, however, it all peaked when she and her husband gave a longer interview to talk show star Oprah Winfrey. Meghan and Harry (36) had little to say about the British royal family, which has led many to react afterwards.

Piers Morgan was among those who thought the interview was a shameful betrayal against Queen Elizabeth (94) and the rest of the royal family. In retrospect, however, the criticism of Meghan has gone far beyond his career.

The controversial host, who had made a number of statements about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, quit his job at “Good Morning Britain”.

RACE: Journalist and presenter Piers Morgan is furious over tonight’s interview with Meghan and Harry. Video: CBS / ITV
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“On Monday, I said I did not believe what Meghan Markle said in the Oprah interview. I have had time to reflect on this statement, and I still do not believe her “, he wrote on Twitter afterwards.

He claims to be supported

However, it is only now that Morgan gives his first interview after the job went in the sink. He does this as a Fox News journalist, Tucker Carlson, where he does not exactly lie flat after the storm of criticism against the Duchess.

On the other hand, the 56-year-old claims that he is supported by large parts of the British people after the statements about Meghan.

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- Takes action after the interview

– Takes action after the interview

– Old, young, black, white, it does not matter. They have come up to me in large numbers every day, he says according to The Guardian.

Further in the interview, Morgan accuses the duke couple of telling many ridiculous lies in the Oprah interview. At the same time, he rejected the accusations that he is racist as he does not believe their statements.

Morgan describes Meghan and Harry’s interview as, among other things, “cheap, tasteless and unlucky”. According to Morgan, he has received a number of job offers after the “Good Morning Britain” exit.

STORMING OUT: Here, Piers Morgan storms out during the “Good Morning Britain” broadcast. Video: ITV.
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– I was sick

After being confronted with the harsh criticism he has leveled at Duchess Meghan on several occasions by co-host Alex Beresford in “Good Morning Britain”, Morgan got enough and stormed out of the studio. Afterwards, as is well known, he quit his job.

“ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add,” the channel wrote at the time.

– I’m sorry, but I do not believe any of what she says. I would not believe her if she gave the weather forecast. And the fact that she has attacked our royal family. I think it’s reprehensible, said Piers Morgan about Meghan after the big interview on Monday, and continued:

JUST SAD: This is what the experts say about the famous Harry and Meghan interview.
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– I was sick of what I saw. This is a two-hour slaughter marathon of our royal family, the monarchy and everything the queen has worked so hard for. And all this is done with Prince Philip lying in the hospital.

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