Oksana Lavrentyeva is not theoretical in sex, but practical

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Oksana Lavrentieva

Oksana Lavrentieva is a master of all trades. In the past, a successful model, now the owner of the Independent Media publishing house and the Rusmoda company, the creator of the OLOLOL fashion brand, starred in the videos of Valeria, Bilan, Meladze, Stas Piekha, the TV series Club and Margosha, the thriller Yulenka. Now the woman is 44 years old, and the intimate life of her peers began to worry her no less than business.

Recently, Oksana Lavrentyeva posted a big post on the social network to respond to attacks on the Internet, where the evil ones wrote, they say, “she is too old and not thin enough for sex.”

– In the minds of many people, thinness and youth are equal to sexuality, and if a woman over 40 of non-model appearance talks about sex, many consider her a theorist. To be honest, when I was 20, I also thought so and was 100% sure that it is only interesting to talk with women after 30, and you can sleep with them only if they are wives – out of a sense of duty and pity. This is the most idiotic position. Sex is not about appearance at all, it’s about something else. This is a high level of vital energy + sensuality + passion + empathy (empathy for the emotional state of another person. – Ed.) + love for life, – the wiser Oksana destroys stereotypes. – Before 40, you really do not understand about making love about anything. After 40, if your life has worked out, you stop having sex. Sex becomes categorically uninteresting to you. Because in adulthood, if everything is in order with you, you begin to make exclusively love. And this is a huge difference. Then an open Cosmos takes place between a man and a woman.

The son of Andrei Kostin Yegorka grew up as a guy anywhere

Two bankers

Lavrentieva knows firsthand what she writes about. She gave birth to her first child, daughter Alina, while still a student, at the age of 19. Unfortunately, the baby’s father died of a heart attack when the girl was barely two years old.

After moving with her mother and daughter from St. Petersburg to the capital, Oksana pulled out a lucky ticket – she fell in love with a major financier, public figure and politician, chairman of the board of VTB Bank Andrei Kostin.

– I was flipping through Vogue and saw a Chopard watch with diamonds. She ran to her mother and said: “I want to.” Two days later, a fan gave them to me, ”Lavrentyeva recalled in an interview with a glossy magazine.

This memorable incident took place in a luxurious mansion on Rublyovka, where Oksana came from a new apartment in an elite district of Moscow in a sports Aston Martin.

Relations were crowned with a joyful event – in 2006, Oksana gave birth to a son, Yegor. Alas, the boy could not seal the union, and the couple broke up. To his father’s credit, all these years he continued to touchingly take care of his offspring.

Meanwhile, Lavrentyeva did not leave the circle of financiers – in 2011 she married Anton Pak, Deputy Board of the IFC Bank. The marriage turned out to be childless, and in 2014 there was a divorce. Three years have flown by for Oksana in a whirlwind of secular entertainment and the implementation of business projects. In those years, she was credited with novels with businessmen Dmitry Komissarov and Yan Yanovsky, until in 2018 the woman again arranged her personal life.

With husband Alexander Tsypkin

Murky cat

Having changed her habit of falling in love with bankers, Lavrentyeva married the writer Alexander Tsypkin. Maybe she appreciated the machismo of the chosen one according to his story “Wedding Violence”:

– I hit Katya at night, but I don’t really remember why and how, although it doesn’t matter anymore. She cries and says she can’t leave her room with a black eye.

Things did not come to such passions-faces in the marriage of our heroine, but one scandal did happen. It turned out that all secular Moscow made fun of Oksana and Alexander, and they were mortally offended by Ksenia Sobchak’s husband, Konstantin Bogomolov. The director in his satirical mini-film, shown at the anniversary of Tatler magazine, transparently hinted at the misalliance between Lavrentieva and Tsypkin, and also mockingly parodied their vulgar appeal to each other “cat”. The heroine of the video picks up a stray cat on the street and brings it to her luxurious apartment. For such crafts they beat the face. Moreover, Bogomolov, after a showdown with Maxim Vitorgan, is no stranger to this. However, at Tsypkin, someone is beaten only in stories.

By the way, Lavrentieva’s sex life with the writer turns out to be quite turbulent. At the initial stage of the relationship, Tsypkin liked that her beloved did not wear bras in principle, even under light T-shirts. But after the prose writer entered into the rights of the owner, for some reason he stopped rejoicing at his wife’s protruding nipples. He turned out to agree with one of the users of his wife’s social network, who wrote that, they say, “you need to leave at least something for your husband.”

– Maybe it’s safer for men to gouge out their eyes then? – ironic Oksana.

So for women over 40, the hour is not even, and it will come to BDSM. Then the open Cosmos will really “happen” for a man and a woman,” as Lavrentyeva argues.

By the way

  • The first wife of Alexander Tsypkin was Elena Martynova, deputy. cellular company CEO Now she is married to singer Shaman (Yaroslav Dronov).

Photo source: Personal archive, Social networks, Larisa Kudryavtseva

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