It is rumored that LEGO will cooperate with Nintendo again, and the theme image of “The Legend of Zelda” flows out- Qooah

Reddit user LinkWink broke out that LEGO and Nintendo are likely to work together to jointly launch the “Legend of Zelda”-themed LEGO.

In fact, there has been news before that LEGO will launch the theme of “The Legend of Zelda”. Some players once said that LEGO allows players to create their own ideas and projects that can no longer be uploaded to the theme of The Legend of Zelda. It seems that the official has launched its own theme building blocks idea.

According to the news, this LEGO set is expected to cost 1920 yuan, and the price will be set between 200 and 325 US dollars. This will be the latest theme product designed by LEGO in cooperation with many well-known IPs in recent years.

The clarity of the pictures shared by netizens this time is relatively blurred. The two protagonists named Link and Zelda are standing under a tree called the Great Deku Tree. The figures are modeled after the games The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the building set also features Hestu and some Deku Babas and Link, the child from Ocarina of Time.

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