Ojol’s Ulah Brings Millions of Rupiah Groceries


A driver ojek online (ojol) took away groceries worth IDR 6.7 million belonging to a man in South Jakarta (Jaksel). The police are now stepping in to investigate the whereabouts of the perpetrator.

This incident was initially viral on social media Instagram, Thursday (26/1/2023). In the upload, you can see a photo of the victim’s report, AP (39), to the South Jakarta Metro Police. The report is registered with the number LP/B/176/I/2023/SPKT/POLRES METRO JAKSEL/POLDA METRO JAYA.

It was stated that the victim used an online motorcycle taxi application to deliver mobile phone spare parts that he had purchased valued at IDR 6,754,500 at a shop in the Gambir area mall, Central Jakarta. Then, the victim ordered an ojol and got a driver with the initials IS.

IS then took AP’s groceries at the store. The victim had waited 2.5 hours, but the ojol driver never arrived at the victim’s house.

When the victim saw the application, it was written that the item had been received by the victim, even though he had not received the item he had purchased. Then, the victim reported this incident to the police.

Perpetrator Hunted

Currently the police are still hunting for the perpetrators. Photos of the alleged perpetrators have been circulating on social media.

“Yes (investigated). We will follow up all incoming reports,” said South Jakarta Police Chief Kombes Ade Ary when contacted.

See also the video ‘This Looks Like the Ojol Driver Beater at Tamansari, West Jakarta’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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