Oh, What A Year! Viewers walk away with Chantal Janzen

Ruben and Carlo did not play the game alone, of course. Together with Catherine Keyl at the side of Ruben and Barrie Stevens at Carlo, they caused the necessary laughs. The performance of Shirma Rouse as Aretha Franklin provides the necessary goosebumps for the viewers. ‘How beautiful’, one writes on Twitter.

Yet it is mainly Chantal who steals the show. The presenter had big shoes to fill with the departure of Linda de Mol, but the viewers are now walking away with her. ‘You are amazing. You can even make a program that I really liked, ‘writes one viewer on Twitter. It is not the first time that Chantal has been showered with compliments. Viewers have also appreciated her in recent weeks.

Oh, What A Year! can be seen every Saturday evening at 20:00 on RTL 4. Everything about the new season of Oh, What A Year! you can see below.

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