New York wants to provide a home for the homeless by 2024

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday laid out a plan to provide shelter for all those who have lived on the streets for a long time by 2024, with transition beds and apartments. The city estimates that nearly 4,000 homeless New Yorkers have been living on the streets for months, if not years.

At the same time, some 60,000 people, including 21,640 children, are welcomed daily in one of the accommodation centers in the largest city in the United States, ie 10,000 more than in 2013. The US Department of Housing (HUD) even estimated that 78,676 the homeless population in New York in a report published in 2018.

The plan announced on Tuesday is part of the municipal Home-Stat program, launched in 2016 to improve care for homeless people in New York. Bill de Blasio, a Democrat briefly presidential candidate 2020, who prides himself on wanting to reduce inequalities in New York, notably indicated that the religious authorities of the city would put at the service of the device five additional sites, likely to offer 1,000 beds Furthermore.

These are temporary shelters, which should be installed during the coming year and will be added to the 1,800 beds already available in the program. The plan also provides for the provision of 1,000 permanent housing units. The town hall has also reinforced the teams responsible for making contact with the homeless in the street and in the metro, in order to increase its efficiency.

It is a “plan to end street life in New York once and for all,” Bill de Blasio said at a press conference. He warned, however, that the plan was aimed primarily at long-term homeless people. “We’re not saying you will never see a homeless person on the street again.” In a full year, the plan is expected to cost around $ 100 million per year, the mayor said.

According to the town hall, 2,450 people have already left the streets thanks to the Home-Stat program. The announcement comes a few days after the city of Newark (New Jersey) sued its neighbor New York, accusing her of having regularly placed homeless New Yorkers in her home, in unsanitary apartments, as part of from another program.

New York announced on December 9 that it was temporarily suspending placements in Newark.


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