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OG3NE sings in its own language: ‘International ambitions in the freezer’ | NOW

OG3NE brings Friday Handwritten Kiss out, the first song the sisters wrote themselves. The Dutch-language single will certainly not be the last of its own, Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol tell in conversation with NU.nl.

“It actually went very quickly,” says Shelley, who spent a week in isolation on a farm in Overijssel with her sisters and some other members of their musical team.

“When we were finishing one song, we already had the idea for the next song”, Lisa continues. “We hoped to write one good song, in the end it became five and we made almost one a day.”

“It was a beautiful and peaceful location, so we could fully focus on writing,” says Amy. “The top floor had been transformed into a studio and downstairs we were busy composing. At breakfast we started sparring, writing in the afternoons and singing the songs in the evenings and at night.”

The sisters Vol received help in writing their music from Sjoerd de Vries, Rory de Kievit and their father Rick Vol, who also composed other songs for OG3NE, including their Eurovision entry. Lights and Shadows. “Our father has a lot of experience in this”, says Lisa. “He acted as a kind of flying keep and spurred us on when necessary.”

‘Thinking process takes some getting used to’

The general public got to know the group through their overall victory in The voice of Holland en their English-language oeuvre. Their new music is actually in Dutch. “Our international ambitions now have to be frozen because of corona,” says Amy. “And many fans asked if we wanted to sing in Dutch.”

Is there a language that ‘sings better’? “No, we don’t have a preference. It doesn’t feel crazy to sing Dutch, but the thinking process takes some getting used to. I notice that I often tend to use English words when rhyming and writing.”

In Handwritten Kiss tells the story of a disrupted sibling relationship. The sisters were not inspired by any particular story or movie. “This suddenly occurred to us,” says Lisa. “We’ll tell each other honestly if we didn’t like it, but all three of us agreed. The song is about a girl who got divorced from her brother early and only has a note from him. That urges her to get him. to search.”

The other four songs that OG3NE wrote on the farm will be released later. “The songs are all different in tempo,” says Lisa. “We have made a nice, quiet ballad, but also mid- and uptempolongs. It is important that they all have that characteristic OG3NE sound that you hear right away: they are. With the focus on ourselves, so no excess of choirs It must be manageable, but also catchy. That worked. “

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