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“iOS 14 Will Destroy Small Businesses!”

Zuckerberg has declared war on Apple and its new operating system iOS 14. The reason is important for the world economy.

Mark Zuckerberg (Getty Images)

iOS 14 is the latest operating system created by the company with the apple for the launch of the iPhone 12. We are talking about a new operating system that adds many functions and renewed graphics to the proprietary ecosystem of the American company. After a few small initial stumbles and bugs that have not been all happy, now the new iOS 14 is fully functional and can be observed as a whole. Following a phase of study and reflection, the number one on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg declared war on Apple. The well-known millionaire, in fact, does not agree with the policies and functions of the new operating system, which, according to him, will do nothing but damage the economy, which is already barely standing.

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Zuckerberg against Apple: “iOS 14 will destroy small and medium-sized businesses!”

Mark Zuckerberg attacked Apple and its brand new iOS 14. With this new operating system created by Cupertino, in fact, all individual applications will have to request the express authorization of users to create targeted and personalized advertisements. We talk about an additional privacy policy designed by Apple, since right now so many people care about their anonymity and the fact of not being treated like objects. Apple was also about to roll out this new rule in its proprietary software, but decided to postpone everything to early 2021 to be sure of how to move. For Facebook’s number one, this move will primarily affect small businesses: “Land innovations planned by Apple will limit the ability of these companies to reach customers “.

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