Official Association: Baden-Württemberg surcharge for public servants

The Beamtenbund anticipates tough negotiations with the Ministry of Finance about the consequences of the collective bargaining agreement for public sector employees. It is a question of whether this result is effectively and simultaneously transferred to the officials. “The current talks will not be a sure-fire success, as we are demanding a Baden-Württemberg surcharge for the civil service,” emphasized association chief Kai Rosenberger when asked by the German press agency in Stuttgart. This would be an act of appreciation for active civil servants as well as for retirees plagued by loss of real wages. A surcharge on the linear increase or a shortening of the fourteen empty months is conceivable.

The more than one million public sector employees in the federal states will receive 2.8 percent more money from December next year and a tax-free and duty-free corona special payment of 1300 euros by March at the latest. The unions and the collective bargaining community of the federal states as employers agreed on this in Potsdam on Monday. Rosenberger sees the deal as a compromise in which employers could have asserted themselves better than the unions. The collective wage agreement in the public service of the federal states will cost Baden-Württemberg an additional 190 million euros in 2022 and 2023.



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