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Notorious! “Min Aung Hlai” released “Phra Wirathu” as a buffer against the protest mob

Friday, February 12, 2021, 14.10

On February 12, 2021, the reporter reported According to Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, the commander-in-chief and chief of the Myanmar military government. Announced today (12 February) the release of 23,314 prisoners, it was reported that the extreme nationalist monk Virathu, nicknamed “Bin Laden Buddhism” for spreading ideas against Islam and Rohingya Muslims. Detained since 2019 for religious schism will also be released.

It has been noted that The massive release of prisoners was a prison cleanup for arresting protesters, especially now at Mandalay City University. At the same time, is it used as a bumper Because Phra Wirathu has a good relationship with Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing for supporting the army in the case of Rohingya. And this coup was also supported by some Myanmar monks.

The Association for Supporting Political Prisoners (AAPP), an observation organization in Myanmar, said that since the coup Myanmar authorities have detained more than 260 people, of which about 20 have been released, but there was no indication of Suu Kyi in the pardon announcement on Friday. Or her allies were released too

Those detained by the Myanmar authorities include Australian Sean Turnell, the government’s economic advisor, Suu Kyi. While the NLD, which was raided by officials in the party’s headquarters this week. Confirmed that the Election Commission was also in control Thursday.

“There are serious concerns that the sudden release is to open up areas for the detention of political prisoners,” the AAPP said. This is because the police are now sent to arrest students at various universities. Especially at Mandalay and Mawlamyine cities

Among the prisoners released this time, Emaung, an ethnic leader from Rakhine State, and writer Wai Hin Aung, were arrested in 2018 for supporting the Arakan Army. Which is a minority force in Rakhine State The pair were found guilty of treason and 20 years in prison.

Police shoot rubber bullets of Mawlamyine, injuring 3 people.

Foreign news agencies reported. Myanmar’s anti-coup protests in Mawlamyine South-east of the country Police fired rubber bullets and dispersed tens of thousands of people. As a result, three people were injured. Video clip published by Radio Free Asia website. Revealed photos of police clashing with protesters. Grabbing a man, he smashed it into his head, and the masses threw stones at him. The police then fired a rubber bullet.

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