Not to be outdone by the US and China, Arab Countries Will Explore the Moon

Monday, January 30 2023 – 13:01 WIB

LIVE TechnoMoon will host a giant leap in technology artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence/AI).

System machine learning Canada will head to the surface of the Moon in a rover United Arab Emirates (UAE) launching with SpaceX on December 11th.

The Rashid rover hosted on the ispace Japan lander is expected to land this spring to search for minerals and other items of interest on the Moon’s surface.

The Canadian system will inform AI-derived decision making. Company officials said no AI had ever reached low orbit before Earth.

If this works, the technology will be big for NASA’s Moon boost, said Mission Control Space Services (MCSS) CEO Ewan Reid. SpaceMonday, January 30, 2023.

“AI will be an important tool enabling decisions to be made on the spacecraft,” said Reid.

That work doesn’t just include the search for water on the Moon, which NASA plans to do with the Artemis mission. It will also make Earth observations more efficient.

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When most people think of Canadian technology in space, they think of flashy projects like the Canadarm, a series of robotic arms that have served the International Space Station (ISS) shuttles and will soon serve NASA’s Gateway Moon station.


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