Controversial JPEX Case: Zhen Ni Criticizes Artists and Calls for Tough Measures

Controversial JPEX Case: Zhen Ni Criticizes Artists and Calls for Tough Measures

JPEX case︱Zhen Ni angrily criticized artists for frequent accidents and called for killing chickens to scare monkeys

The JPEX case is becoming more and more controversial. Diva Jenny, who is concerned about current affairs, also said this. She posted an article about virtual currency, saying: “‘Virtual currency’ is an illusion, an unreal simulation, a fake structure, a coin, the ‘literal’ has told you, don’t you understand, how?” I can touch it. Oops.” He even called this “the story of how rats can trick people” to vent their anger!

Lin Zuojuan was arrested in the JPEX case and was released the night before.

He left a message to wake up a group of investors: “Unreasonable returns. If you participate, it is a ‘bet’. It is definitely not an ‘investment.’ If you lose, you lose. How to get sympathy!” And for artists! After being involved in the incident, he apologized to the public: “You are an artist again. I really feel ashamed of the people’s trust and love for you! It’s a bad year!” He also called on the relevant departments to take tough measures to scare the monkeys, and denounced the corruption of social morality.

Zhen Ni is unhappy that something happened to an artist again.

Denounced the JPEX case as “a strange tale of rats knowing how to deceive.”

I advise everyone to be careful with their finances.

Don’t be greedy for cheap.

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