North Korea, Kim Jong-Un: “No cases of Covid in my country”

10 October 2020 16:16

The leader of the Asian country said he wanted to continue the arms race as an instrument of protection and thanked his people for respecting the anti-contagion measures

The leader’s speech – This year the celebration was held at a particularly complex time for the country, weakened by difficulty economic related to the usual American sanctions for the nuclear program to which the consequences of the pandemic have been added. Precisely for this Kim is himself sorry with the population: “I am ashamed that I have not been able to repay you appropriately for your trust. My efforts and devotion have not been able to bring our people out of livelihood difficulties.”

Relaxation – No attack on Washington, on the contrary: the best wishes to Covid patients arrive just when the American president Trump is struggling with the virus. Messages from pace also to South Korea, with which the leader hopes to be able to go back to “holding hands” again.

Show of strength – The parade was impressive: thousands of soldiers and vehicles paraded through the streets of the capital Pyongyang accompanied by the music of the band. All, soldiers and spectators, were without a mask. Kim – looking out from the balcony of a building and dressed in official clothes – reiterated that the weapons nuclear and the strengthening of the army are the best means of defense and dissuasion from the threat of the external enemy. For the first time, no foreign media was invited to the show.


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