North Korea fired an unidentified projectile

North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile into the Sea of ​​Japan in Tuesday. This was reported by the South Korean army, quoted by “Yonhap”.

For the moment no more information is given.

We recall that the test less than a week after the previous test, which the North claims is a hypersonic rocket.

North Korea boasted that it had tested a hypersonic missile

Japan has confirmed that Pyongyang has conducted a test

North Korea’s claims of a successful hypersonic missile test this week “look exaggerated”. This was announced then by the Ministry of Defense of South Korea.

Pyongyang claims that the rocket, which was launched on Wednesday, performed a side maneuver over 120 km altitude and hit a target in the Sea of ​​Japan 700 km from the launch site.

UN resolutions ban North Korea from testing missiles that can carry a nuclear warhead. Hypersonic missiles, which reach five times the speed of sound and are difficult to detect, could probably carry a warhead of this type.

North Korea with another missile test

North Korea with another missile test

Japan and South Korea are arguing over what exactly was fired

The UN Security Council will meet in New York on Monday to discuss North Korea’s latest missile test, DPA sources have learned.


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