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Noboa ratifies two military agreements with the US – 2024-02-22 15:50:48

The president of the Republic, Daniel Noboaratified today Thursday, February 15, 2024 two agreements military with USAsigned with the purpose of having binational support to combat the organized crime in Ecuador.

As reported by Teleamazonas “with the executive decree 164 y 165the First President revalidated all the content of bilateral agreements relating to Statute of the Forcesya Counter Operations Illicit Transnational Maritime Activities with the North American country,” the media stated.

He first agreement refers to the Statute of Forces that will allow military y American contractors are gifts temporarily in Ecuadorian territoryoy your job will be focused on training and military exercises, humanitarian actions and security cooperation.

Regarding that related to Operations Against Illegal Transnational Maritime Activities, the carrying out of joint operations on the high seas against crimes such as traffic of drugsof migrantsof armas of mass destruction and illegal fishing.

In this way, after the issuance of the decrees, the agreements and benefits granted to the military and personnel of the United States Department of Defense in Ecuadorian territory will be in force. Likewise, joint operations by air, sea and land will immediately begin in the fight against illegal activities of organized crime.

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