No Split in NCP, Ajit Pawar Our Leader: Sharad Pawar Clarifies

No Split in NCP, Ajit Pawar Our Leader: Sharad Pawar Clarifies

Mumbai – NCP chief Sharad Pawar revealed his ‘love’ for Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar after splitting the party and coming to the BJP camp. Pawar said there are no disputes with Ajith and he is still our leader.

“Ajit Pawar is our leader, there is no dispute about that. There is no crack in NCP. How can there be a rift in the party? This happens when a large section of the party splits at the national level. There is no such situation in NCP today. True, some leaders take a different stance. But it cannot be called division. They can do that in a democracy,” Pawar told news agency ANI.

Pawar had commented the other day that some NCP leaders were part of the state government along with the Shiv Sena (Eknath Shinde)-BJP alliance to avoid being investigated by the ED. After the news that Pawar is getting close to the BJP leadership, he clarified that there are no problems with Ajith. Sharad Pawar’s volatility has sparked concern and opposition in Maharashtra’s Mahavikas Aghadi and the ‘India’ opposition front.

English Summary: No split in NCP, Ajit Pawar our leader: Sharad Pawar

2023-08-25 06:24:30
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