Nikita Mirzani mocks COVID-19 quarantine hotels: rotten food, hot rooms!


Nikita Mirzani “raging” on Instagram Stories because five-star hotels have opened quarantine services for COVID-19 patients. According to him, these hotels are only looking for opportunities in the narrow but the price paid is not in accordance with the facilities.

The woman who is familiarly called Niki wrote her worries on Instagram Story. There are several things that Nikita Mirzani highlighted, including hotel food and hotel services that do not match the price. Out of emotion, Nikita Mirzani also swore the hotel was closed forever.

“Indonesia is grieving. But there are some people who turn this grief into a business for the benefit of their respective businesses. Hopefully, luxury hotels that accommodate people who are being quarantined are closed forever. So as not to trouble those who can’t afford it. for quarantine at the hotel,” wrote Nikita Mirzani.

“(Those who live) can’t live in the outside air, the food is rotten, the hotel is expensive but they are told to wash dishes and other things themselves. Then the hotel room is hot. It’s stuffy to be exact. The price of the hotel at the airport is Rp. 17 million, then arriving at the hotel suddenly suddenly increased to Rp 22 million,” he wrote in an annoyed tone.

Another thing that Nikita Mirzani highlighted is the food service in the hotel. Although he did not mention the name of the hotel, Nikita expressed his frustration at not being able to order food from outside.

The ridicule continued to flow on his Instagram Story. Especially about the status of a five-star hotel but the food is not good.

“The hotel is only 5 stars, but the food is not good. If you can’t go-food, you cook deliciously. According to the hotel, you have paid, right? What you give food is human, not some kind of jinn or animal,” he criticized.

“As far as I know, people have the right to choose which hotel they want to stay in during the quarantine period. Why is this forcing people who can’t afford to pay for a bad 5-star hotel to stay there and pay in full?” continued Nikita Mirzani.

He also felt that the hotel seemed to want to blackmail.

“What do you want to treat people who are in quarantine? How can you not order food from outside? Have to eat at a hotel that is expensive and not delicious. Three times a day, you are alone for 8 days,” he explained again.

Nikita, who became increasingly annoyed, then compared how hotels in Indonesia treated COVID-19 patients with hotels outside Indonesia. What is certain is that he demands that services must be improved, not just for profit.

“It’s a shame for foreign countries that are humanizing humans. If you want a quarantine for more than 1 week, serve the people well, don’t just take the money,” he said.

In the end, Nikita Mirzani encourages people who are in quarantine in hotels and have been badly treated to speak up.

“Speaking of which, don’t be afraid, you have the right to voice your voice. It’s not just silence accepting the situation and reality,” concluded Nikita Mirzani.

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