Nightmare Kitchen: A Dispute with the Kitchen Farmer Featured on Mr. Frank Visser Doet Uitspraak

Wim’s dream kitchen has, in his own words, turned into a nightmare. “I think it’s terrible. It’s a terrible kitchen. I think what we ordered does not combine. The colors, everything. Nothing is good,” he says about this in the program. He even calls his kitchen ‘a thorn’ in his side. The kitchen farmer in question in turn says that he has sold Wim a fine kitchen. Also, he would always accommodate his customers if they are not satisfied. “I do two hundred percent to make the customer satisfied. But this customer cannot be satisfied. No way.” Wim hopes he could turn back time. “Had I known everything, I would never have bought this kitchen from him. Because it’s just a nightmare.” Conversely, the kitchen farmer feels the same way: “If I had known that, I would never have sold the kitchen to that man, because this man is just a nightmare.”

According to Rinus, it is impossible to talk to Wim, which is why presenter Viktor Brand and Mr. Frank Visser decide to help the gentlemen out of the fire.

Wim shows Viktor what he doesn’t like about the kitchen. “If you already put a jar of salt in it, (…) it won’t close,” he says about a kitchen drawer. A cabinet would also hang ‘not level’. Furthermore, a plinth would be loose and the color of the kitchen counter would be wrong. It bothers him so much that he doesn’t sleep and Wim is said to have even received ‘medication from the doctor’ for the short fuse he has left over from this event.

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When Viktor asks what should be done according to Wim, he says that he would prefer a completely new kitchen. “Third parties and Mr. Rinus have to pay for that properly.” The kitchen farmer in turn wants Wim to remove and rectify all negative reports he has spread online about the company. He is also angry about a threat to his address. For example, the kitchen farmer plays a sound fragment to Viktor of a telephone conversation he had earlier with Wim. It can be heard that Wim threatens the kitchen farmer. “I know where to find you god damn it”, it sounds.

During the court session, Master Frank Visser confronts Wim with the threat to Rinus’ address. Wim admits that he has spoken threatening words. “It is a kitchen of 10,000 euros and if he treats it like that, he will suck the blood from under my nails.”

In the end, master Frank Visser decides that Wim must remove the negative messages about Rinus and his company within 48 hours. If he does not do this, he risks a fine of 5000 euros. Furthermore, the completed kitchen can be finished and does not have to be demolished. This must be done within six weeks by a technician who works at Rinus. Wim also has to pay 116.69 euros in damage to Rinus for a back cover.

The gentlemen are both satisfied with the decision and shake hands.

Watch the episode again at this link.

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