Sony Car Audio Presents Complete Audio System Solutions for All Segments in Indonesia

Carrying the theme “Elevating The Standard” Sony Indonesia officially announced the line Sony Car Audio in Indonesia. Unlike before, this year’s Sony Car Audio comes with two product categories including Mobile ES and Car Audio. In addition, being officially present in Indonesia means customers can get various benefits such as easier maintenance and service.

“This year we officially present Sony Car Audio in Indonesia to further enhance in-car entertainment, as well as driving comfort with an audio system that has extraordinary technology and features.” said Satoshi Shimada, Marketing Director of PT Sony Indonesia.

Sony Mobile ES

sony car audio

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Mobile ES is a product category for the premium segment. What’s special is that all Mobile ES product lines support high-resolution audio or Hi-Res Audio. It could be an option for audiophiles who put it first sound quality or sound quality.

sony car audio

The Mobile ES product range is very complete. Starting from the head unit to the amp. Models introduced include Head Units XAV-9500ES and XAV-9000ES, Speakers XS-163ES, 162ES, and 160ES, Subwoofers XS-W104ES, W122ES, and W124ES, Amplifiers XM-1ES, XM-4ES. XM-5ES, XM-6ES, and XM-8ES, and many more.

Sony Car Audio

Turning to the Car Audio category, this product category is for the mainstream class with a more affordable selling price. The Car Audio product range also consists of various models ranging from Head Units, Subwoofers and speakers.

All of these latest audio products are compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So, users can connect smartphones more easily. The features offered range from controlling the music you listen to, sending messages, receiving calls to getting directions and real-time traffic updates from maps. Users can also use touch features or voice commands to play music from the application.

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In presenting Sony Car Audio in Indonesia, Sony Indonesia is working with PT Berkat Audio Perkasa Jaya as a distributor official. Previously, PT Berkat Audio Perkasa Jaya as a distributor of automotive products had provided Sony Car Audio products in Indonesia since 1999 which were taken directly from Sony Singapore.

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