Nico Castillo and his dramatic physical change after overcoming thrombosis

José Andrés Díaz López

Mexico City / 20.03.2020 15:01:07


After being more than one month interned after being operated again for bleeding in the femoral wall of the right leg, Nicolás Castillo little by little he has begun his rehabilitation process, after the thrombosis who suffered from that same limb in late January.

It has been the Chilean striker himself who has been in charge of sharing through his Instagram, how he began to walk little by little inside his room in the Sanitarium, just as he did this Friday where he was observed helping himself with two canes.


And although the blue-cream Killer goes step by step in his recovery, it is observed that he has had a dramatic change in his physical appearance, since compared to the beginning of the year when he started with his health problems, two months later he presents a remarkable weightloss.

In addition to this, the Andean has lost musculature in both legs which are also very thin, because logically he had to stop any type of physical activity from the thrombosis that he suffered in the right leg.


It should be remembered that Nico Castillo He had undergone surgery for a ruptured tendon in the femoral rectum of his right leg on January 29, but a day later he had thrombosis in the femoral artery, which was life-threatening.

Subsequently, the attacker was discharged on February 9 after having overcome that thrombosis. However, once again the February 13th, due to bleeding in the femoral wall of the right leg and he had to be operated again, in addition to being in intensive care. From that date until today, the South American has been hospitalized.



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