Nick follows women on Insta? Liz Kaeber would mind

She showed her sweetheart the limits! Liz Kaeber (29) and Nick Maerker have been married for three years. In the social networks, the two of them prove again and again how in love they are with their sweet turtle content. The topic of loyalty seems to be particularly close to the heart of the former bachelor girl – and the breakdown of the same seems to start particularly early: Because for Liz it would be too much of a good thing if you Nick follow another on Instagram!

During a Q&A Instagram a fan spoke to the beauty now on the sensitive topic. For her, it depends on the reasons for which the content of other women interests her loved one so much – but it would still bother her in most cases: “If he were to follow other women regularly and like their pictures at regular intervals, it would bother me.” Especially with girls who Nick doesn’t know personally, that could quickly become a problem, stressed Liz.

The influencer likes to heat her fans on social media with hot pics: Recently, the brunette even posed topless! So she probably not only made hearts beat faster among her followers, but possibly also for one or the other critical look from their partners.

Nick Maerker and Liz Kaeber
Liz Kaeber, Influencerin
Liz Kaeber, Influencerin



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