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Ngabalin Asks Susi Not to Disturb Lobster Benur Export Policy



Deputy Chief Expert in the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Ali Mochtar Ngabalin asked former KKP Minister Susi Pudjiastuti not to interfere with the policy of opening a lobster seed export tap that had been opened by the current Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Edhy Prabowo.

“So I said that Ibu Susy was finished with the regulation 5 years ago. There is more or less. It means that this step (export of lobster seeds) is done because the government listens to the voice from below,” he said during a visit in Banyuwangi together with KKP Minister Edhy Prabowo, Thursday ( 7/9/2020).

According to Ngabalin, the old policy pursued by former minister Susi Pudjiastuti is no longer valid. This time, a new policy from the new minister was in force.

“People have their times, every time they have people. There are new ministers, yes new regulations. So there is a wide opening of faucets (lobster exports) thanks to God,” added the man who is also a Member of the Stakeholder Commission and the Public Consultation of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

“All the rules have a period, the minister then Mrs. Susi Pudjiastuti, she was finished in her day, she was finished in time,” he added.

Be recognized NgabalinWhat KKP is doing right now is that many governments will bear all the risks, including being bullied. But because this is also the aspiration of the fishing community in Indonesia, this was realized.

“I once took care of them (fishermen) in prison, went bankrupt, the ship sank. This policy was right because at the right time. So that people have certainty about the opening of lobster taps. I always shudder to see the fishermen’s distress. Because in the Pantura area alone they work from the sea, “he added.

Ngabalin believes the opening of the lobster seed export faucet is not likely to be wrong. Because the natural wealth in the Indonesian sea will not be used up.

“It is impossible to be mistaken because it is extraordinary that we have a wealth of love if it is not utilized,” concluded Ngabalin.

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