Health WHO wants research into coronavirus infection by air

WHO wants research into coronavirus infection by air


In its new guidelines, WHO recognizes that some reports suggest corona transfer by air. These were fully enclosed spaces where choirs sang or fitness and restaurants.

The WHO does not yet want to confirm that the virus is spreading through the air. According to the international organization, more research is urgently needed.


For the WHO it is certain that you can be infected by direct or indirect contact with contaminated surfaces or by close contact with infected people. They spread the virus through their saliva, while breathing or through droplets released when they cough, sneeze, speak or sing.

Whether it is spread by large droplets that enter the air after sneezing, or by much smaller exhaled droplets that reach an entire room, the coronavirus is carried through the air. And so people can become infected when the virus is inhaled, the scientists believe.

Strong clues

It was recently announced that scientists from 32 countries want the WHO to review the guidelines. They argue that there is strong evidence that the coronavirus can also infect humans through aerosols. Experts from the Netherlands and abroad don’t understand why the cabinet has not announced any additional requirements for the ventilation of buildings in our country.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) also stated at the end of last month that additional supply of fresh outdoor air in enclosed spaces reduces the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

Response RIVM

At the end of last month, RIVM informed RTL Nieuws that there is no scientific evidence that small drops (aerosols) can spread the corona virus.

It is currently unclear whether aerogenic spread plays a relevant role in the spread of the virus. Not a single study has shown that the small air particles can contain enough virus to actually make people sick. “But it cannot be ruled out, RIVM says. As long as this is unclear, the institute advises not to work in groups as a precaution to sing.


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