New York Weather Forecast: A Thursday Morning with Dry Conditions and Clear Skies | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

our this families is fromreturn from your vacation andit also has all the detailsabout the conditions of thetime and traffic estefan andvery good morning, tell us.have a truce from all these,condition is unstable.the storms we had yesterdaythe heat, the start of theweek andthe smoke, the firesforest that affected usstart of the week also todaywe should already have qualityof the air much better. this smokehas dissipated and thetemperaturesmakes between sixty-six andsixty-eight degrees go togo up little by little.we will have thentemperatures reacheighty-three degree in hours.and we see thatyes, we will have a littlemore cloudiness. fromnoon heaven a little moredry and these temperatures


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