New York City Offers Temporary Housing Solutions for Asylum Seekers

application to make an appointmenttheir asylum cases had beendriven to cross thismanner.maity: that happens at the border,but while in new yorkI say that the mayor of thatcity ​​announced that atwo-year partnership was achievedreach out to agenciessee the thousands that arearriving the city.half a hundredlocals offer shelterovernight at a quantitylimited number of migrant men.fabiola is in new york andhas us morefabiola: shelters, hotels,gyms and now housesnuns will house thethousands of migrants arrivingNY.said the mayor announcingthat as of today at least 50inquisitions will house 19men each as long asmeet requirements thatincludes availability ofshowers, commercial kitchensshares and permissions forarts and security to thoseThey come seeking have to think that being 24hours.points out that the solution is ashort term is necessaryresort to other states andreforms in the have to take care of peopleabove all things, butlet’s look for solutions that helppeople to progress.the city has spent more than$1,000,000,000 in one year.Despite this, the governmentfederal us has grantedtan ólo$40,000,000 in funds.institutions had a cost125$ public.well below the ás de350 that count the nights inthe hotels.he came with his family aweek and it is one of the last inbe indicated in a hotelafter a long wayFrom Ecuador.we don’t even know where to gothat all for the children.when I came I didn’t know wherego awaythey helped me there.but do you think the citycan you pay for this for everyone?I don’t think because we are many.that’s why we have toHow do I tell him, how to rewardworking to make this happen.maity: fabiola, what othersoptions considered for allthose people who arecoming new york?fabiola: the mayor did not givemany details and this plan does notIt is structured, but notI rule out establishing atype of system forprivate residences canshelter migrants whothey keep coming.This is something I still don’t knowhas established and that, withoutHowever, which has received severalcitics from the public

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2023-06-06 04:30:00
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