Exploring the Truth Behind Inflation and Pension Trends in Poland – Debunking Government Propaganda

you are lying again!!!! inflation 18% and valorization no 14.8% only below 13% because 14.8% is GROSS favorite by pis commies which means NOTHING, for gross you do not buy only for NET!! average pension for Tusk 2015 PLN 2,100 according to Central Statistical Office data!! today, the average pension is PLN 3,200 (with the 13th and 14th together, i.e. less than 50% in 8 years and the prices of only food 300-500% of the basic for a pensioner! Yes, I know, magazines, instead of listening to the propaganda of Pinocchio and the company, maybe you would check the data from Internet and then they drew conclusions!! I understand, you don’t want to work, it’s best to write commune crap!! The fact that there are pensions of 7-8-9 thousand and more is normal with this sick indexation system!! Such a prezio got indexation as much as minimum pension and it’s sick!!If inflation causes an increase in the cost of living for a person, let’s say by PLN 500, that’s how much everyone should get and in this system the poor get PLN 200 and the rich get PLN 1000 and the gap is growing, the rich do not feel inflation because they have their own PLN 500 plus another PLN 500 for additional attractions and the poor have to give up bread, meat, and cosmically expensive vegetables as well as the cosmic price of fuel, which is 5 times more expensive than fuel in Europe where it became 400% cheaper and in Poland it increased by 20% in six months!!! Inflation should be mixed, i.e. the amount covering the ACTUAL inflation (not some imaginary pensioner’s, which for some reason is always lower than ordinary inflation and should be higher because food has become the most expensive and it is the main product of the pensioner) plus a few percent increase for each

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2023-06-06 05:17:09
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