New York: a showcase tour


The route begins in Herald Square, in front of Macy’s, New York’s first department store to have its windows transformed for the holidays, in 1870.

Stephanie Morin

Forget the car, the metro, the taxi. The best way to enjoy New York storefronts is by walking. 4 km course, from south to north, to admire the most beautiful.


Honor all credit: the route begins in Herald Square, in front of Macy’s, the first department store in New York to have transformed its windows for the holidays, in 1870. This year, the creators are betting on the nostalgia of childhood with six showcases featuring Santa Claus, elves, the red-nosed reindeer … Some showcases are interactive: you can operate a giant ball machine (dads love it) or test a detector for good children. On the main marquee, a giant Santa Claus serves as a beacon to guide customers to the largest Macy’s store in the world.

151, 34e West Street

Lord & Taylor

A snowy bear transformed into a ski slope for mice. An owl watching over her young. Snowshoe geese. Here are some of the fantastic animals that come alive before our eyes in the windows of this Midtown institution. From the video animations in the back of the stage to the rain of white light that sweeps over the facade, everything comes together to evoke an enchanted winter, similar to those in children’s books.

424, 5e Avenue


The luxury store was inspired by Tchaikovsky’s classic Nutcracker for its six main windows. Around Clara and the Mouse King, a sea of ​​marshmallows, cotton candy clouds, trees made of giant lollipops. In the “Land of a Thousand Delights”, gluttony is set up as a work of art. Every evening, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., the immense store facade lights up for a very popular sound and light show. The epicenter of New York Christmas is here: Saks on one side of the 5e Avenue, Rockefeller Center on the other.

611, 5e Avenue

Bergdorf Goodman

The Natural History Museum seems to have invited itself to Bergdorf Goodman, installed in the former Vanderbilt mansion: vegetation has invaded the windows, bathing the sidewalk of the 5e Avenue of soft green light. Here, no Santa Claus, reindeer or hymns broadcast in a loop. Everything is luxuriance, humidity and abundant jungle. An assumed dreaminess, which contrasts with the windows of neighboring shops, in particular those of Tiffany, just opposite.

754, 5e Avenue


Love, peace and joy. Here is the theme of work (wide at will) imposed on the artists who have invested the four windows of this chic store on Madison Avenue. The interpretations are diverse, sometimes humorous, sometimes deliciously offbeat: one was inspired by The cruise has fun, others have chosen to stage the characters of South Park. Each painting is accompanied by music chosen by the artist. Astonishing!

660, avenue Madison


The famous department store has entrusted the creation of eight of its windows to a group of visual artists. Their mandate: to create unique chandeliers, to bring a little more light to the world. Gold, neon lights, mosaic, glass, mirrors: the materials vary and each work is exhibited in the setting that suits it. Nice idea: these creations will be auctioned in January and the funds will be donated to a charity.

1000, 3e Avenue



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