New Signing Žan Medved Joins FC Košice for Slovak League Challenge

BRATISLAVA, KOŠICE. He came to Slovan as a talented striker and youth representative. However, he had a difficult task.

Slovenian Žan Medved arrived shortly after the departure of his compatriot Andraž Šporar. Topkanonier topped the Slovak league, breaking the transfer records of the most famous club under the Tatras. Medved did not fully replace him.

Abroad, Šporar did not make such a significant impact. After engagements in Portugal and England, he is now playing in Greece.

And Medved has been a guest in Wisla Kraków in recent years, this fall he played mainly for the second division junior team and in the spring for the newcomer from Skalica, where he was hampered by injuries.

“He helped us significantly with goals and passed on a lot of experience on the pitch,” Vladimír Gála, coach of the second league junior club Slovan, told Sportnet about him in the fall.

He highlighted his character and qualities, he clearly outgrew the second league. “It is up to him how he will work. He has all the attributes to succeed,” Gála added.

Now the 23-year-old power forward is moving to the team of another newcomer in the Slovak league. Already as a free agent, he signed a two-year contract with Košice.

“During his time in Slovan and Skalica, Žan proved that he is a quality striker. So he was the first choice for us. He has been working in the Slovak league for three years, so he knows our competition intimately and will have no problem with adaptation. I have been able to imagine him with us for a long time,” he said about the transfer to club website general manager of FC Košice Pavol Turczyk.

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Medved attracted attention in the second league in the fall, when he scored 7 goals in eight games. However, he did not start against Košice.

In Slovan’s A-team, he did not make his mark, he only got a minimum of chances. But he also made sure with a successful penalty that the Whites advanced through Zrinskij Mostar to the group of the Conference League. In the next phase, however, he was no longer on the roster.

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