Lady’s Paradise Season 8: Speculations on Plot and Future of Gemma and Marco

The filming of the eighth season of de “Lady’s Paradise”the beloved Raiuno television series which tells the story of a group of characters linked to a Milanese clothing store, between the 1950s and 1960s.
While no information on the plots of the new episodes has been officially disclosed yet, fans are speculating a few speculation about what could happen in the next installmentswhile awaiting indiscretions and previews from the set.

The story of a success, between confirmations and surprises

Ladies paradise is in fact a fiction that over the years has been able to conquer its fair share of loyal viewers, who have followed its rather singular destiny and production path: the first season in fact made its debut in prime time, on 8 December 2015, with a aired on a weekly basis, obtaining excellent ratings, and was therefore confirmed for a second season; from the third season onwards, however, broadcast from 18 September 2018 onwards, the series underwent major changes: the cast was almost entirely renewed, and we moved on to a broadcast dailyin a soap opera version, during the afternoon slot from Monday to Friday, thus also multiplying the number of episodes, which went from 20 in the first and second seasons to 180 in the third.

Initially, however, Rai had established that the production costs were too high, and that the series would therefore have been canceled from the schedule; this news, however, was met with protests from fans as well as the soap opera’s cast and crew, and in between ratings increased, which prompted the network to move forward with the productionalso putting the following seasons in the pipeline.

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So what news can viewers expect in the next unpublished episodes that they will soon see on the small screen?

Ladies’ Paradise – Rai

The future of Gemma and Marco

Among the ongoing events, expect new developments regarding the pregnancy of Gemma Zanattathe character played by Gaia BavaroMilanese actress who made her debut with the film Security (2020) by Peter Chelsom: entered the scene in the sixth season as one of the “Venuses” of the story, the Veronica’s daughterpassionate about riding and expert horsewoman who remained attracted by Marco di Sant’Erasmo (Moses Curiathe actor who achieved notoriety thanks to the enormous success of the series Red braceletslater also seen in Unique pieces e The bastards of Pizzofalcone), thus trying to prevent the love story between him and Stefania (Grace Ambrose, A bullet in the heart, Compromessi sposi). Gemma had been sent by her mother to reflect in a convent and, on her return, she had become pregnant during a night of passion with Marco, who in turn returned to Milan after his departure for the United States. Although Gemma had accepted the proposal of a marriage of convenience with Roberto (Philip Scarafia, Mainland, Anita Garibaldi), in the season 7 finale Marco had learned that he was expecting a child from her.

So what will the destiny for Gemma and Marco? In the last few days, following the start of work on the eighth season, they have spread some hypotheses about the future of the two characters: it seems in fact that, in the next episodes, Gemma could be at lose the baby waiting, due to the stress and worries suffered. If this were to happen, the tragic news would lead to unexpected consequences, which would change the couple’s future: in fact, some fans theorize that Marco, no longer about to become a father, could decide to definitively leave Milan and return to America, where he had initially moved with Stefania.

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Ladies' Paradise - Rai
Ladies’ Paradise – Rai

To know for sure how this and the other events in the series will continue, we will have to wait for month of Septemberwhen new episodes are scheduled to air.

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