The Unbelievable Story of Jo Cameron: A Woman Who Can’t Feel Pain, Anxiety, Panic and Stress


The strange story of a woman who can’t feel pain, anxiety, panic, and stress throughout her life is viral. It is Jo Cameron who tells how his daily life seems unusual for humans in general.

How could it not be, she had experienced a broken leg, burns, and gave birth as well as a minimal surgical operation, without the need for pain relievers. Sometimes, he feels that there is something wrong with his body not because pain appears, but because of physical changes that are visible to the naked eye.

For example, when he recently felt that he was walking a little crookedly. His hip felt like it was going to wobble, he then took an X-ray to identify a possible trigger.

Who would have thought, the X-ray results showed severe joint damage. Many doctors and medical personnel ask if he has had any previous symptoms. Jo of course said no.

“I don’t feel sick. They can’t believe it,” said the woman from Scotland, quoted by The Guardian.

“I knew that I was happy-go-lucky, but I didn’t realize I was different,” he says.

He also never panicked, when a van driver suddenly hit him on the highway two years ago, he just got out of his car like nothing happened. He only noticed the bruises appearing on his body.

After being rushed to the hospital, he underwent stress and depression tests, the results also showed zero, which means he is not in that phase

“I thought it was just me. I didn’t know anything weird was going on until I was 65.”

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