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new platform to fight against bicycle theft



Available to all Belgians thanks to close collaboration between the three Regions and the Federal State, mybike allows you to register your bike and identify it using a unique free sticker. This system is intended to better combat bicycle theft and receiving stolen goods.

Every year, nearly 100,000 bicycles are stolen in Belgium. Many of them are found by the police, but unable to return to their owners, ending up forgotten in storage areas.
Thanks to mybike, the chances of finding your bike are greater because the platform constitutes a central register accessible to the police services and the Justice system.

A simple procedure

1. Register your bike

mybike.belgium.be allows you to register your new or used bike for free. Your personal data will thus be linked to your bike which will be given a unique number allowing you to attach specifications, photos and proof of purchase.

In the event of theft, you can indicate the bike as stolen on mybike, generate an identification form, and make a report to the police. When you resell your bike, you can also transfer it to a new owner on the platform. Finally, as part of the fight against bicycle theft, our partners will be able to contact you if your bicycle is found.

2. Identify your bike

Once your bike is registered on the platform, you will receive a unique sticker by post free of charge. It is important to affix the sticker to your bike in order to identify it. The sticker does not damage the frame of your bike, is resistant to tearing, UV and bad weather. The sticker is the simplest way to identify your bike and, above all, it allows, with a good lock, to drastically reduce the risk of theft and illegal resale.

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Partner cities and towns of Wallonia

They are invited to organize distributions of stickers during bicycle promotion or theft prevention events. All in collaboration with services such as the police, the mobility service, or cycling promotion associations.

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Fight against theft, for even more cyclists in our territory

According to data from the FPS Mobility, the majority of bicycle thefts take place in the public domain:

  • in a freely accessible bicycle parking lot (41%)
  • on public roads outside of a bicycle parking lot (34%)
  • at home (20%)
  • in closed bicycle parking lots (4%)

Bicycle theft remains a barrier to its use. It can actually discourage potential cyclists or cyclists, particularly newer two-wheel users or those who are less fortunate.

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