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Inter, campeón de la Serie A ante Milan: resumen, resultado y goles

ow to Improve the Milan vs.⁤ Inter‌ Rivalry ⁣in​ Serie A

The ‌Milan vs. Inter rivalry is one of the most ‍intense and⁢ historic matchups in Serie A. ​The two clubs, based in the same city ⁤of Milan, have‍ a⁣ long-standing rivalry that dates back decades. ⁢However, in ⁤recent years, the ⁣rivalry has lost some of its spark and intensity. Here ​are some innovative ideas to improve the Milan vs. Inter rivalry ⁤in Serie A:

1. ‌Fan ‍Engagement:‍ One way to reignite the rivalry between Milan and Inter is to focus on fan engagement. Organize fan events, competitions, and interactive experiences that bring supporters of both‍ clubs together. This will create a ​sense of community and excitement around the rivalry.

2. Social Media Campaigns: Launch social media‍ campaigns that highlight the history and significance of​ the Milan vs. Inter rivalry. Create engaging content, videos, and graphics that showcase ​the passion and intensity of the matchup.⁣ Encourage fans to share their own stories and experiences related to ⁢the rivalry.

3. Rivalry Week: Designate a specific week in the Serie A calendar as “Rivalry Week” dedicated to the Milan vs. Inter matchup.​ During this week, host special events, promotions, and activities leading⁤ up to the game.​ This will build anticipation and hype around ⁤the ⁤rivalry.

4. Legends Match:⁤ Organize a legends match ‌between former players of Milan and ​Inter. This exhibition game​ can serve as a tribute to the history‌ of ⁤the rivalry and bring together⁤ past stars of ​both⁣ clubs. Fans will enjoy seeing their favorite players back on the​ field competing against ⁢each other.

5. Community Initiatives: Collaborate with local⁤ organizations and charities‍ to⁣ organize community ⁣initiatives that involve both Milan and Inter ⁣players.⁤ This could include ⁣charity matches, youth coaching clinics, and community service projects. By working together off the field, players can build camaraderie⁢ and mutual respect.

6. Merchandise ⁤and Memorabilia:⁣ Create special edition merchandise and memorabilia items that commemorate⁤ the Milan vs. Inter rivalry. Limited edition jerseys, scarves, and collectibles can become sought-after ⁢items for fans of both clubs. This will further⁢ solidify the rivalry in the⁤ minds of supporters.

By implementing these innovative ideas, Serie A can revitalize the Milan vs. Inter rivalry and make it one of the most exciting and anticipated matchups in Italian football once again. The rich ⁢history and tradition of the rivalry deserve to ⁤be celebrated and cherished for generations ‌to come. Let’s bring back ⁤the passion and ⁤intensity to the ‌Milan vs. Inter rivalry in Serie A!Milan vs. Inter: A Rivalry Renewed

The Serie A clash between ​Milan ‍and‌ Inter is ​always a ‌highly anticipated match, with both teams boasting a rich history and passionate fan ‌bases. As the ⁢two Milan giants ‍prepare to ‍face off once again, the stakes ⁤are high and the excitement is palpable.

One of the key storylines heading into this match is⁢ the ⁤battle for the​ top‌ spot in the⁣ Serie A table. Both Milan and Inter are vying for the coveted​ position, with each ‍team looking to assert ‍their dominance⁣ in the league. The rivalry between these‍ two teams adds ​an extra layer of intensity to an already crucial match.

On⁤ the field, there are several key players to watch. Milan’s attacking ⁣duo of Lautaro Martínez and Marcus Thuram will ​be looking to break down Inter’s defense, while Inter’s midfield⁤ maestros Nicolò Barella and Hakan Çalhanoglu will be pulling the strings in the ⁣middle of the park. The battle between these​ talented players will be a sight ​to​ behold.

Off the field, the ‌coaching⁤ matchup between ​Stefano Pioli and⁢ Simone Inzaghi adds another dimension to the rivalry. Both managers are known for their tactical acumen‌ and ability to motivate their players, and their strategies will ⁤play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the match.

As the teams take‌ to the field at the‌ iconic San Siro stadium,‌ the atmosphere will be electric. The ⁤passion and intensity of the Milan derby are ​unmatched, and fans can expect a‍ thrilling contest from start to finish.

In conclusion, the Milan vs. Inter match is not just a⁤ game, but a spectacle that showcases the best of‍ Italian football. With top‌ talent on both sides, ‌a fierce rivalry, and⁢ the desire to claim the top spot ⁤in Serie A, this match promises to be a memorable ​one for ⁤fans and neutrals​ alike. Don’t miss out on⁣ what is sure ​to be a ‌thrilling encounter between two​ of‌ Italy’s footballing giants.a new article on the Milan vs. ​Inter match in Serie A:

Milan⁤ vs. Inter: A Clash ⁢of Titans ⁣in Serie A

As⁢ the Serie A season⁣ heats up, all eyes are on the highly anticipated ⁢match‌ between Milan and‍ Inter.⁤ The two Milanese ⁤giants ​are set to face off⁣ at the ‍iconic San Siro​ stadium in a battle for supremacy in‍ Italian football.

The Lineup

  • AC⁤ Milan: (1) Mike Maignan, (19) Theo Hernández, (24)‍ Alessandro Florenzi, (23) Fikayo Tomori, (19)‍ Pierre Kalulu, (79) Ismaël Bennacer, (79) Sandro Tonali, (56) Alexis Saelemaekers, (10) Brahim Díaz,⁤ (12)⁤ Ante Rebić,⁢ (17) Rafael Leão
  • Inter Milan: ‍(1) Samir Handanović,‌ (37) Milan⁣ Škriniar, (6) Stefan de Vrij, (95) Alessandro Bastoni, ⁢(33) Danilo D’Ambrosio, (22) Nicolò Barella, ⁤(20)‌ Hakan Çalhanoglu, (22) ⁣Henrikh Mkhitaryan, (9) Marcus Thuram, (10) Lautaro Martínez

Key Players ⁤to Watch

Keep an eye on players ⁣like⁤ Lautaro Martínez‍ and Brahim Díaz, who have been in top form for their‌ respective teams. The battle in midfield between Barella and Tonali promises to be intense, while the defensive solidity of Tomori and de Vrij will be crucial ⁢for their teams.

Match Details

  • Time: ⁢15:45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Referee: A. Colombo
  • Stadium: San Siro

Where ​to Watch

Don’t miss the ‍action ⁢as Milan‌ and Inter go ​head-to-head on Star+ at 15:45. It’s a match you won’t want to miss!

Stay⁤ tuned for more updates and ⁣analysis on Serie A and other ​footballnews.

Exploring the Milan vs. Inter Rivalry: A Clash of Titans

The⁢ rivalry between ⁣Milan and ⁤Inter ⁣is one of the‍ most intense and historic in Italian football. Known as the Derby della Madonnina, this match-up between⁣ the ‌two⁢ Milanese giants always generates excitement⁣ and passion among fans. As the⁢ two teams ⁢prepare to face off once again, let’s​ delve into the underlying themes and⁣ concepts that make this ⁢rivalry so special.

At the heart⁣ of the Milan​ vs. Inter rivalry is the clash of two footballing⁤ philosophies.‍ Milan, with its rich ⁣history and tradition, represents the‍ old guard of Italian ⁣football. Inter, on ‍the other hand, is seen as‍ the more modern and innovative side, constantly pushing the boundaries of tactical evolution. This clash of styles and ideologies ‍adds an extra⁢ layer of intrigue to their encounters on‌ the ⁣pitch.

Another key aspect⁢ of this rivalry is⁤ the battle ⁢for supremacy in the city of⁤ Milan. Both clubs ​have passionate fan bases that take great ⁤pride in ​their team’s success. The bragging rights that come with victory in the Derby della Madonnina are highly⁤ coveted, making every match ⁤between Milan⁤ and ⁢Inter a high-stakes affair.

On a⁢ more personal level, the players involved in this rivalry often ⁣find themselves under intense ⁢scrutiny. The pressure to perform in such a ‌high-profile match can​ be overwhelming, leading to moments of brilliance or moments of ⁤despair. The individual battles on‍ the pitch, whether it’s Lautaro Martinez⁢ vs. Simon Kjaer or ​Hakan Calhanoglu vs. Marcelo Brozovic, add an extra layer of drama to the proceedings.

Off the pitch, ​the coaches play a crucial role in‍ shaping ⁣the narrative of the Milan vs. Inter⁢ rivalry. Simone​ Inzaghi, in his ​first season‌ in charge ⁣of ​Inter, will be⁣ looking to make his mark in‌ this historic fixture.⁤ Stefano Pioli, on⁤ the other hand, will ⁣be ​aiming to continue Milan’s resurgence under ‍his guidance. The tactical battle between ⁤these two masterminds will be fascinating to watch.

As the two⁣ teams prepare to face off at ⁣the iconic​ San Siro stadium, the stage is set for another chapter in the storied history of the Milan vs. Inter rivalry. With so much at stake and‍ so many underlying ‌themes and concepts at play, this ‌match promises to ⁢be a spectacle for⁢ football fans around the world. So, sit ⁤back, relax,⁢ and enjoy the⁤ drama unfold in ⁢the ⁤Derby della Madonnina.In the highly‌ anticipated ⁢Serie A match between Milan and Inter, fans are gearing up ⁤for an intense battle on the field. With both teams vying for the top spot in the⁢ league, the stakes are⁢ high and the excitement is palpable.

The ​line-up for the match is filled with star players ⁤ready to showcase their skills. From Milan’s goalkeeper Mike Maignan ⁤to Inter’s striker Lautaro Martínez, the field ⁣is ​set ​for an epic showdown. With players like Federico⁣ Dimarco and Nicolò Barella ⁢in the mix, the competition is sure to be fierce.

As⁢ the‌ teams prepare to face off‍ at the iconic ‌San Siro⁤ stadium, fans‌ are eagerly‌ awaiting the clash between these two football giants. With the match set to ⁣be broadcast on ESPN, viewers around the ⁣world will be tuning ⁤in to witness the action unfold.

In the midst of the excitement, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate ⁤the beauty of the‍ game. Football⁣ is more than just a sport – it’s⁤ a passion that unites ⁤fans from ⁢all walks of life.‌ Whether you’re‍ rooting for Milan or⁤ Inter, the love for the game‍ transcends rivalries ⁢and brings people‍ together.

So, as ⁤the clock ticks down to kick-off, let’s savor‌ the moment and revel ⁣in the thrill of Serie A football. Whether you’re ⁤a die-hard fan or ‍a casual observer,⁤ there’s no denying the magic of the beautiful game. Let’s sit⁤ back, relax, and‍ enjoy the show as Milan and Inter battle it out on the pitch.eractive elements or scripts, keep it simple and ⁤focused on the content itself.

Milan ⁣vs. Inter: A Rivalry Renewed

As the Serie A season heats up, ‌all eyes are on the iconic San Siro ⁢stadium where Milan will ‌face ⁢off against Inter ​in a highly anticipated match. The rivalry between these ⁤two teams runs deep, with a ​history ‍of intense ⁣battles and fierce competition.

The Lineup

  • AC⁢ Milan: (1) Mike Maignan,⁢ (19) ⁢Theo Hernandez,⁢ (24) Alessandro Florenzi, (24) Fikayo Tomori, (19) Pierre ​Kalulu, (79) Ismaël Bennacer, (79) Sandro Tonali, (32) Federico Dimarco, ⁢(23) Nicolò Barella, (20) Hakan Çalhanoglu, (22) Henrikh‌ Mkhitaryan, (9) Marcus Thuram, (10) Lautaro Martínez


  • (12) Raffaele‍ Di Gennaro, (77) Emil Audero,‌ (2) Denzel Dumfries, (6) Stefan de Vrij, (21)⁢ Kristjan Asllani, (30)‍ Carlos Augusto, (31) Yann Bisseck, (5) Stefano Sensi, ‌(7) Juan Cuadrado, (14) Davy‌ Klaassen, (16) Davide Frattesi, (8) Marko ⁤Arnautovic, (17) ​Tajon Buchanan,​ (70) Alexis​ Sánchez

Coach: Simone Inzaghi

Match Details

  • Time: 15:45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Referee: A. Colombo
  • Stadium:⁤ San Siro

Key Match Insights

As the two Milan ​giants clash, the Serie A table is set for‍ a potential⁣ shift in rankings. With both⁢ teams vying for the top ‍spot, every⁤ goal⁢ and every ⁣play will ⁣be crucial‍ in determining‌ the outcome of this high-stakes match.

Where to Watch

Don’t miss a moment⁣ of the ⁣action as Milan takes on Inter at the legendary ⁤San Siro stadium. Tune in to⁤ Star+ at 15:45 to catch all the excitement live.

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riginal article could⁢ be ​titled “The ⁢Milan vs. Inter‍ Rivalry:⁣ A Clash of Titans in Serie A”.

When Milan⁢ and Inter face off in Serie A, it’s ‌not just‍ a football match ⁢- it’s a clash of titans. The rivalry between these two Italian giants runs deep, with a ⁣history ‌of intense battles on the ‍pitch that have captivated fans for generations.

The Battle for Supremacy

Both ⁤Milan and Inter have ⁤a rich history of success in Italian football, with numerous league titles and European ⁣trophies between them. ⁤The rivalry between the two clubs⁢ is fueled by a desire for supremacy in the city of Milan and beyond.

Key Players to Watch

  • Ante Rebić
  • Federico Dimarco
  • Nicolò⁤ Barella
  • Hakan Çalhanoglu
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan
  • Marcus⁢ Thuram
  • Lautaro Martínez

Coach’s ⁢Tactics

Under the‌ guidance of Simone⁢ Inzaghi, both teams will be looking to outwit each⁢ other tactically and secure a crucial victory in the Serie A title race.

Where to Watch

  • Time: 15:45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Referee: A.‌ Colombo
  • Stadium: San Siro

Analysis ​of​ the Table

With both teams ‌vying for​ the top spot‌ in Serie‌ A, a close look at the league table is essential⁢ to understand the stakes of⁤ this match.


The iconic San Siro stadium will be the battleground for Milan vs. Inter, adding ⁤to the intensity of the rivalry.

Match Details

Time: ⁢15:45

TV: Star+

As the two Milanese giants prepare to face off, the city‌ holds its breath in anticipation of another⁣ chapter in this storied rivalry. With so much at stake, the Milan vs. Inter match promises to be a spectacle ⁤of ⁣footballing excellence and fierce competition.

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l article.

Milan ⁢vs. Inter: A Rivalry Renewed

As Milan and Inter ‍gear up ⁢to face⁤ each other in ‍the ​Serie A, the stage is set⁢ for a clash of ⁢titans⁣ at⁤ the iconic San Siro ⁢stadium. The ‌Derby della⁤ Madonnina ‌is not just a match; it’s a historic⁤ rivalry⁣ that transcends football⁤ and ‍captures the essence of Italian​ passion and pride.

The⁤ Lineup

  • AC Milan: Starting XI – Mike Maignan, Theo Hernandez, Fikayo Tomori, Alessio Romagnoli, Davide Calabria, Franck Kessié, ​Sandro Tonali, Alexis Saelemaekers, Brahim​ Diaz, Ante ⁣Rebic,‌ Olivier Giroud
  • Inter ‍Milan: Starting XI – Samir Handanovic, Milan Skriniar, Stefan de Vrij,⁣ Alessandro Bastoni, Achraf Hakimi, Marcelo Brozovic, Roberto Gagliardini, Federico Dimarco, Nicolò ⁤Barella,⁤ Hakan Çalhanoglu,⁤ Lautaro‍ Martínez

Key Players to Watch

  • Lautaro Martínez: The ‌Argentine forward ​has ​been in‍ scintillating form ⁤and will be a threat to Milan’s defense.
  • Olivier Giroud:‍ The experienced striker brings a wealth of‍ experience and a keen eye for goal ⁢to the Milan side.

The Battle of ⁣Midfield

With players like Franck Kessié and Nicolò‌ Barella pulling the strings ⁣in midfield, the battle for ​control of‍ the game ⁢will be intense. ⁤Both teams will look to dominate ⁢the midfield to dictate the pace and flow‌ of the match.

The⁣ Tactical Duel

Simone Inzaghi and Stefano Pioli will ⁤engage ⁢in a tactical battle on the sidelines, making crucial decisions that ⁤could ⁤sway the⁤ outcome of‌ the​ match. The formation, substitutions, and in-game adjustments will play a⁤ vital role in determining ⁤the winner.

Where ‍to Watch

  • Time: 15:45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Referee: A. Colombo
  • Stadium: San Siro

Final Thoughts

As the two ⁣Milan⁤ giants lock horns, the passion,​ drama, and intensity of⁢ the Derby della Madonnina will once again ‌captivate fans around the world. It’s not just a game; it’s a spectacle that showcases the best ​of Italian football and the enduring spirit of rivalry.

Don’t miss out on⁤ this epic ‌showdown between Milan and Inter, ‍as they write another chapter in ‌the ⁤storied history of Italian football.

iginal ‍text.

Milan vs. Inter: A Rivalry Renewed

As​ Milan and Inter prepare to face ⁤off in the⁢ Serie A, the stage is set for a clash ⁢of titans⁤ at the iconic​ San ‌Siro stadium. The rivalry between these two teams runs deep, ​with a history of fierce competition and​ intense battles on ⁣the field.

Both ⁢teams boast a ‌lineup ​of talented players, ⁤each​ eager to make ⁣their mark in this historic matchup. From the ‌likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Lautaro‌ Martinez, the pitch will be filled with stars ready to shine.

The‍ Battle for ⁢Supremacy

With both teams vying for⁣ the top⁤ spot⁣ in the Serie A table, this​ match holds significant ​importance‌ for their ⁣respective seasons.​ Milan will be looking to defend their home ⁤turf, while ⁢Inter will be aiming to secure ⁣a crucial away victory.

Under the guidance of their​ respective ‌coaches,⁣ Stefano Pioli and Simone Inzaghi, both teams will​ be well-prepared for ‍the challenge ahead. The⁢ tactical battle on the field will⁢ be just as intriguing ‍as the ⁢individual skills on display.

Where ⁣to Watch

  • Time: 15:45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Referee: A. ⁢Colombo
  • Stadium: San Siro

For fans eager to witness this epic showdown, the‌ match will⁤ be broadcast live on ESPN. The ⁣electrifying atmosphere of⁤ the San Siro combined⁢ with the high stakes‌ of the game promises a spectacle not to be missed.

Final Thoughts

As the countdown to kickoff begins, anticipation is building for what promises to be ⁣a thrilling ⁢encounter between Milan and ⁣Inter. The passion, ⁣the drama,‌ and the intensity of this rivalry will once ‌again take center​ stage, captivating fans around the world.

So⁤ mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready for a footballing ⁣spectacle like no other. Milan vs. Inter is more than ⁢just‌ a⁤ match – it’s a battle for supremacy, a clash⁤ of giants, and a showcase of the beautiful game at its finest.

The Milan vs.‍ Inter Showdown: ⁣A Clash⁣ of ⁤Titans

As the Serie A season⁤ heats up, all⁣ eyes ⁣are on the highly anticipated match between ‌Milan and Inter.​ The two Italian giants are set to face off in a battle for supremacy at the iconic San⁢ Siro stadium. With ‍both teams boasting a lineup of top talent, the stage is set for a thrilling⁢ encounter.

The Lineup

  • AC Milan: ‌(1) Mike Maignan, (19) Theo Hernandez, ⁣(24) Alessandro Florenzi, (23)‌ Fikayo Tomori, (46) Matteo Gabbia, (79) Ismaël ‌Bennacer, (79)​ Sandro Tonali, (56) Alexis Saelemaekers,⁤ (10) Brahim ⁤Díaz, (12) Junior Messias, (17) Rafael Leão
  • Inter Milan: (1) Samir​ Handanovic, (37)⁢ Milan Škriniar,‍ (95) Alessandro Bastoni, (33) Danilo D’Ambrosio, (32) Federico Dimarco,⁤ (23) Nicolò Barella, (20) ⁢Hakan​ Çalhanoglu, (22) Henrikh⁣ Mkhitaryan, (9) Marcus ⁣Thuram, (10) Lautaro⁤ Martínez

Key Players to Watch

Keep‌ an eye on⁣ players like Lautaro Martínez and Brahim​ Díaz, who have ‌been ⁣in top form for their respective teams. Their skill and creativity ​on the field could ‍be the difference-makers in this high-stakes match.


  • AC Milan: (12) Raffaele Di Gennaro, (77)‍ Emil Audero, (2) Denzel Dumfries, (6) Stefan de Vrij,​ (21) ⁤Kristjan Asllani,​ (30) ​Carlos Augusto,​ (31) Yann Bisseck, (5) Stefano Sensi, (7) Juan Cuadrado, (14) Davy Klaassen, (16)‌ Davide Frattesi, (8) Marko Arnautovic, (17) Tajon Buchanan, (70) Alexis Sánchez

Match ‍Details

  • Time: 15:45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Referee: A. Colombo
  • Stadium: San Siro

Preview and Predictions

With both teams vying for ​the⁤ top spot in the​ Serie A standings,‍ this match⁣ is sure to ‍be a nail-biter. ‌Milan will look to defend their home turf, while Inter will be hungry for a crucial ⁣away win.‍ Expect a fast-paced, action-packed game with ‌plenty of goals and drama.

Where to Watch

Don’t miss a ⁣minute of ⁤the action! Tune ⁤in to ESPN to catch all the excitement live.

Final Thoughts

As the‌ Milan vs. Inter rivalry ‍reignites, football fans around⁤ the world⁣ are in for a ‍treat. With so much talent ⁢on display, this match promises to be a spectacle of skill,‌ passion, and determination. Get ready for a showdown⁢ of epic proportions!

Milan vs. Inter: A Rivalry Renewed

As the Serie ⁤A season heats up, all eyes are‌ on the highly​ anticipated match ‍between Milan and Inter.⁣ The two Milanese giants are‌ set to ‌face off in ‌a clash that promises to ‍be⁣ nothing short of thrilling. With both teams boasting talented squads and a rich⁤ history of fierce competition, this match is sure to be ‍a spectacle for​ football fans around the world.

The Lineup

  • AC Milan Starting XI:‍ (1) Mike Maignan, (19) Theo Hernández, (24) ​Alessandro Florenzi, (23) Fikayo Tomori, ⁣(46) Matteo Gabbia, (79) Ismaël Bennacer, (4) Franck Kessié, (56) Alexis Saelemaekers, (8) Sandro Tonali, (11) ⁢Brahim Díaz, (17)⁤ Rafael Leão
  • Inter Milan Starting XI: (1) Samir Handanović, (33) Danilo D’Ambrosio, ⁢(37) Milan⁤ Škriniar, (95) Alessandro‌ Bastoni, ⁣(32) Federico Dimarco, (23) Nicolò Barella,‍ (20)​ Hakan Çalhanoglu, (22) Henrikh Mkhitaryan, (9) Marcus Thuram, (10) Lautaro Martínez


  • AC‍ Milan: ⁤(12)‌ Raffaele Di Gennaro, (77)⁤ Emil Audero, (2)⁤ Denzel Dumfries, (6)⁢ Stefan de Vrij, (21)​ Kristjan Asllani, (30)⁢ Carlos Augusto,⁢ (31) ​Yann Bisseck, (5) Stefano Sensi, (7) Juan Cuadrado, (14) Davy Klaassen, (16) Davide⁤ Frattesi, (8) Marko‍ Arnautovic, (17) Tajon ⁣Buchanan, (70) Alexis Sánchez

Match Details

  • Time: 15:45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Referee: A. Colombo
  • Stadium: San Siro

Key Points to Watch

As⁣ the two Milanese giants prepare ‌to face off, there ⁤are several key points to watch for in this highly⁣ anticipated match:

  1. Rivalry Renewed: Milan ⁣and ‌Inter have a long-standing rivalry that dates back decades. The intensity of this rivalry adds an extra layer of ‍excitement‌ to the match.
  2. Top Talent: Both teams boast talented players who have the ability to change the course of ⁤the game in an ‍instant. Keep an eye on players like Lautaro‌ Martínez and Franck Kessié.
  3. Strategic ​Battles: The tactical battle between the ‌two managers, Simone Inzaghi and‍ Stefano Pioli, will be crucial in determining the outcome of the match.
  4. Table Position: With⁢ both teams vying for⁤ the top ⁢spot in Serie A, every​ point is crucial. The‌ result of⁢ this match could⁤ have a ‌significant​ impact on the title ⁣race.

As the ⁤clock ticks down to kickoff,​ football fans around the world are eagerly anticipating what promises⁣ to be a⁢ thrilling encounter between two of Italy’s most⁣ storied ⁣clubs. Don’t miss out on ​the ​action!

  • (80) Yunus Musah
  • (8) Ruben Loftus-Cheek
  • (11) Christian ⁣Pulisic
  • (10) Rafael⁣ Leão


  • (57) Marco Sportiello
  • (69) Lapo Nava
  • (38) Filippo ⁢Terracciano
  • (42) Alessandro ⁢Florenzi
  • (82) ⁢Jan-Carlo Simic
  • (95)‍ Davide Bartesaghi
  • (4) Ismael⁤ Bennacer
  • (21) Samuel Chukwueze
  • (85) Kevin Zeroli
  • (9) Olivier ‌Giroud
  • (15) Luka Jovic
  • (17) Noah⁣ Okafor

Entrenador: ‍Stefano⁤ Pioli


Formación de Inter confirmada


  • (1) Yann Sommer
  • (36) Matteo Darmian
  • (28) Benjamin Pavard
  • (15) Francesco Acerbi
  • (95)‍ Alessandro Bastoni
  • (32) ​Federico Dimarco
  • (23)⁣ Nicolò Barella
  • (20) Hakan ⁣Çalhanoglu
  • (22)⁤ Henrikh Mkhitaryan
  • (9) Marcus Thuram
  • (10) Lautaro⁤ Martínez


  • (12) Raffaele Di ​Gennaro
  • (77) Emil Audero
  • (2) ⁣Denzel Dumfries
  • (6) Stefan de Vrij
  • (21)⁣ Kristjan Asllani
  • (30) Carlos ⁤Augusto
  • (31) Yann Bisseck
  • (5) Stefano Sensi
  • (7) Juan Cuadrado
  • (14) Davy Klaassen
  • (16) Davide Frattesi
  • (8) Marko Arnautovic
  • (17) Tajon Buchanan
  • (70) Alexis Sánchez

Entrenador: Simone ⁤Inzaghi


Milan vs. Inter, ‍por Serie A: dónde ver en ‍vivo y datos del partido

  • Hora: 15.45
  • TV: ESPN
  • Árbitro: A. Colombo
  • Estadio: San Siro


Tabla de ‌posiciones del​ torneo:‌ Serie A de⁢ Italia que juegan Milan⁤ y Inter

De cara al partido ‌entre ⁢Milan y⁤ Inter es ⁣importante analizar cómo viene la ​tabla de posiciones‍ de Serie A de ⁣Italia


En ⁣qué ⁤estadio jugarán Milan vs. Inter

Milan vs. Inter disputarán el partido en el estadio San Siro,⁤ en donde ‌Milan jugará de local.⁣


Hora, TV de Milan vs. ⁣Inter


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