New initiative – no fireworks for the New Year, after Stara Zagora gives the money for Diana’s prosthesis (review) –

The 4 Paws Foundation has appealed for no holiday fireworks, as it scares pets

A young woman asked Zdravko Dimitrov and Plovdiv to join the campaign, but he politely declined her request.

Will Diana be able to get a smart prosthesis that is commanded by the brain to normalize life? Her relatives and friends, as well as the municipality of Stara Zagora, strive for this.

The city joins the initiative of the 4 Paws Foundation – “Beautiful for us is terrifying for them”, not to have holiday fireworks, as they scare pets. Hundreds share on social media the call of the foundation against the explosions on New Year’s Eve. The appeal is to give the money for more noble deeds.

In this case, there is a cause in Stara Zagora – the saved money will be donated to 25-year-old Diana Miteva, a third-year student at the Faculty of Economics at the Thracian University.

The young woman was seriously injured in a car accident – she and two friends were swept away at a roundabout by BMW. Diana lost her left leg.

“It does not matter exactly how much money will be saved and donated to Diana – the question is fundamental that we should all do good,” commented for “24 hours” the mayor of Stara Zagora Zhivko Todorov on a message on social networks.

There were other charitable initiatives in the city to help Diana. The page “I’m taking a step forward with Didi” lists ways to help the girl.

Friday, October 1, 2021, the time is 23.20. Three girls were walking on the sidewalk, but they were hit by the car of a driver who had just turned 18. He took a license in May, during which time he was sanctioned twice by the Traffic Police for various violations, including speeding, according to the observer. pre-trial proceedings prosecutor Adrian Sutrov.

He confirmed that the driver’s initials were NM. Later it became clear that this was the student Nikola Mihailov.

The boy was driving his own BMW, but lost control, crossed into the opposite lane and hit the three girls returning from a neighborhood cafe. This is 30-40 meters from a crossroads in the area of ​​a large retail chain.

After leaving the roundabout, the driver lost control of the powerful car and crushed pedestrians. They were on the sidewalk, but there are no curbs that could at least alleviate the impact, investigators later explained.

The teenager himself reported the accident on 112. Three investigating officers and two ambulances arrived on the scene. An inspection revealed that the driver had not used alcohol or drugs. 3 forensic examinations have been appointed.

The worst is Diana, whose left leg has been amputated and her right leg is very small, her life is in danger. For the other two there is no danger to life, they are being treated at the University Hospital “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich ”.

In the beginning, the driver was not detained, it happened the next day

– first for 24 hours, then for another 72. According to prosecutor Dicho Atanasov, the decision to detain Mihailov was taken after the relevant evidence on the accident had been collected.

The accusation was delayed because the young man asked for a specific lawyer to defend himself, who was to be provided on the weekend.

“We are working on all possible versions,” the district prosecutor’s office assured at the time. Including the fact that the driver drifted on the roundabout and therefore drove at high speed

“If this is proven, his accusation will be changed to a more serious one and the investigation will be under the supervision of the district prosecutor’s office. So far there is no such evidence.

An auto-technical expertise is still pending for the car, which was seized, in order to check how fast it was moving at the time of the impact and whether its power was further increased “, added prosecutor Sutrov at that time.

The case caused civil discontent in Stara Zagora. The day after the accident at the scene, and on the second day in front of the building of the district prosecutor’s office gathered citizens with slogans. People did not hide their worries that the parents of the guilty driver were influential and the case could be covered up.

They even wanted to attend a press conference of the prosecutor’s office, but were not allowed. About an hour later, however, two of the protesters and the mother of the victim Diana were invited for a conversation, and the district prosecutor Dicho Atanasov and the head of the OD of the Ministry of Interior, Senior Commissioner Nikolay Kolev, came down to the people outside.

In early October in Stara Zagora there were two serious road accidents – a motorcyclist died, Diana Miteva was in danger of death and 4 others were injured. Then the mayor

Zhivko Todorov canceled the celebrations for the city’s holiday, except for the presentation of the flower in front of the first stone for the reconstruction of Stara Zagora after the fire during the Russo-Turkish war of liberation. There were no ceremonial speeches or concerts.

Todorov also recalled the initiative of mayors of municipalities 5-6 years ago, who demanded that through legislative changes the mayors be allowed to fine for speeding drivers filmed in violation of the cameras in the municipalities.

He went to the protesters and promised to increase video surveillance in the city, and at all key intersections to limit speed with “lying police” or other irregularities.

The guilty driver was charged with violating traffic rules while driving a car by failing to control the vehicle and negligently injuring more than one person.

According to the district magistrates, the fact that the accused drove the car and had a car accident is indisputable, as well as the bodily injuries inflicted on the women. In their reasons, they point out that in this case the measure “house arrest” is equated to “detention in custody”, as

Nikola Mihailov has already been placed with an electronic bracelet under surveillance.

A few days later, Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev arrived in Stara Zagora to meet with relatives of the victims. “I explained to the parents that the case was taken under special supervision by the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Plovdiv. After the completion of the measures, we hope that it will be sent for special supervision to the Supreme Prosecution Office. Specialized structures are created for this – to solve problems that locals can not. There will be no doubt that the case will be investigated, if guilty positions are found outside the prosecutor’s office, responsibility will be sought, “Geshev said at the time. The case is still being investigated within the legal deadlines.

On Monday, a young woman from Plovdiv appealed to Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov to cancel the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and follow the example of her colleague from Stara Zagora, Zhivko Todorov. Mikaela Mihaylovska is looking for like-minded people.

“Yes, dogs and cats are afraid of explosions, but how to cancel the fireworks – the Bulgarian loves fireworks. How will we know it’s a holiday. It was like that, it will be like that, ”Zico summed up on the way to the Troyan Monastery, for the manor day of Bishop Zion, who is also the abbot of the Bachkovo monastery.

The appeal of donation instead of fireworks is becoming popular in other cities, but so far among smaller groups and there is no chance to be realized for this New Year – the celebrations are ready, people are nervous after the second pandemic year and want to celebrate. However, the campaign may have many more followers in another 12 months.

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