New e-scooter provider starts in Germany

The e-scooter Startup Spin was bought by the car manufacturer Ford at the end of 2018 and is represented in over 60 cities and 20 university campuses in the USA. Now the company wants to get involved in the European market and wants to bring its scooters to Germany in the spring.

Cologne is only the beginning

You want to get your scooters up and running in Europe as early as spring. Cologne was the first city to be established. The company is already hiring employees here who are required to operate the e-scooter fleet. Negotiations and tests are also underway in Paris and the UK. According to co-founder Derrik Ko, other cities in Germany are to follow. There is no information about the Lei fee in Germany yet.

Soon in Germany: Spin’s e-scooters

What makes spin special

As with the other manufacturers, the Spin scooters can be parked anywhere. Provided, of course, that you don’t block other road users or sidewalks. However, the manufacturer is also experimenting with so-called spin hubs. Several vehicles can be parked and loaded on these in an orderly manner. It is not known whether there are discounts or similar for users to park at these hubs.

Why is Spin just starting now?

Spin always stresses to start in a new city only with the consent of local authorities. Co-founder Derrik Ko explains why one is only now starting outside Europe: As part of Ford, one can concentrate on long-term goals instead of chasing the next round of financing. In contrast to many of the other providers, Spin is not a small startup that lives off the money from financing rounds from investors, but has a financially strong partner behind it with Ford.

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