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Maradona’s return to training arouses feelings in Argentina

Last updated: Saturday 8 Muharram 1441 AH – September 07, 2019 KSA 17:58 – GMT 14:58
Posted on: Saturday 8 Muharram 1441 AH – September 07, 2019 KSA 17:40 – GMT 14:40

Source: Buenos Aires – France Press

After an absence of nearly ten years, golden boy Diego Maradona has returned to his country. The Argentine football legend who will at the age of fifty-eight coach Jiminasia La Plata team fuels the enthusiasm and memories of the fans.

On Sunday, 30,000 fans are expected to gather at the Del Bosque stadium in La Plata, 60 km southeast of the capital, Buenos Aires, to receive “Baby de Oro” (“The Golden Boy”), after the club announced Thursday that he will be appointed as his coach in an effort to avoid landing. To the second degree.

Welcoming Maradona, who led Argentina to her second title in the 1986 World Cup Finals (after the first title in 1978), the club said on his Twitter account: “Every corner of the most beautiful club in the world salutes you.”

For his part, the former star pledged to “devote ourselves to” the wolf “, which is one of the titles known to the club that occupies the last position in the ranking of the Argentine first division after four defeats and one draw in the first five stages of the new season of the league.

The club and its fans see Maradona as the savior capable of pulling them from the bottom of the table, despite the fact that one of the brightest talents in football history, as a coach, did not achieve a small part of his success as a player.

Even before Maradona officially took over, fans began taking steps to follow him closely. An hour after his appointment was announced, hundreds of football fans gathered in front of the club’s headquarters to officially join him. According to reports, a thousand new members joined the club in the first hours after it revealed news that Maradona had become the new coach for the troubled team.

“There will not be a single stadium unhappy with seeing Maradona, just his presence awakens many dreams,” said Cesar Minotti, the coach who led Argentina to the 1978 World Cup title.

Diego Maradona has been absent from work in his country since 2010, when he was removed from the national team after two years in office, due to poor results.

This period came at the head of the technical management of the national team, after two experiences with clubs Deportivo Mandio and Racing. His presence alone on the bench was enough to encourage his share, and the voices of the crowd chanted “Maradowo”.

Maradona then crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the seas to the other side of the globe, where he supervised the Al Wasl and Fujairah Emirati clubs, before moving to the Dinamo Priest club of Belarus in the post of President in 2018.

In the summer of the same year, Maradona surprised everyone by taking the second-tier Dorados de Sinaloa team in Mexico, a position he abdicated in June due to health conditions just nine months after taking office.

The former star of Naples, who led his country to its second title in the World Cup Finals (Mexico 1986), suffered from health and physical problems during the past years, most notably cocaine use and addiction, especially after its significant weight increase.

In January, Argentine press reports revealed that he was hospitalized and underwent surgery to treat intestinal bleeding. He also had another operation on his left shoulder in 2017 in Dubai, when he was supervising the Fujairah team.

Currently, the Argentine media is hinting that Maradona’s return is closer to a propaganda campaign by officials of the Jimnasia La Plata Club, who, in addition to his problems on the field, are suffering from financial difficulties.

The oldest club in Argentina, which dates back to 132 years, is counting on the golden boy to improve, although his coaching career does not suggest that.

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