New Chapter of Mother and Child Murder in Subang, Police Call Victim’s Husband Again

Subang, West Java – The police are continuing their efforts to uncover the case of the murder of a mother and child in Subang, West Java, whose bodies were found in a luxury car. This time the police again summoned the victim’s husband, Yosep, to undergo an examination.

Monday (13/9) Joseph was asked for additional information. He came with his legal representative to the Subang Police Station. Apart from Yosep, the police also summoned the victim’s eldest son, Yoris, and the victim’s nephew and cousin, Danu. During the inspection, Yosep’s young wife did not appear.

During the previous investigation, the police had asked about the ownership of the helmet found at the scene. The police have also confirmed to Yosep’s young wife regarding the information revealed by one of the victims’ families that the young wife often terrorized the victim.

Until the 26th day after the murder, the police have not been able to reveal the culprit. Police are still continuing their investigation to uncover this sadistic murder case.

Tuti Suhartini (55) and Amalia Mustika Ratu (23) were found dead in an Alphard car parked in front of their house, on Jalan Kampun CIseuti, Cagak Village, Subang, West Java on 18 August. Their bodies were piled in the luxury car.


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