Jeff Bridges: Cancer continued to decline, Corona overcome – entertainment

Jeff Bridges in 2019 – the Hollywood star has cancer. Photo: imago/MediaPunch

Jeff Bridges wrote to his fans with several pieces of good news. His tumor has shrunk further and he has overcome a severe corona disease – so he was able to lead his daughter to the altar without an oxygen device.

Jeff Bridges (71) on his homepage his fans up to date by hand. On September 13th, the seven-time Oscar-nominated actor released an update after six months that he announced on his Instagram page. There the enthusiastic painter shared a drawing of a dancing couple with the inscription “feeling better” (I feel better). In October 2020, Bridges announced that he had lymph gland cancer.

As early as January 2021, he announced that his tumor had “shrunk drastically”. Now, according to Bridges, it has gone back to the size of a marble.

Covid-19 is also falling

Jeff Bridges’ corona illness is also on the march back. He is now double vaccinated and feels better. Nevertheless, Covid “kicked him hard in the A ***”. He is now working with a therapist to no longer have to rely on an oxygen device. Until recently, when he went for a walk, he had to use the device, the sound of which reminded him of the heavy breathing of Darth Vader. Bridges decorated the text passage with a drawing of the “Star Wars” villain.

Wedding dance with daughter without oxygen

A specific goal helped the actor deal with his corona disease. He really wanted to lead his daughter Haley Roselouise Bridges (35) to the altar at their wedding – without an oxygen device. Not only did the 71-year-old succeed, he even danced the traditional father-daughter dance with her. Which also explains the drawing of the dancing couple.



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