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Nesvačilová is not surprised enough: after the night between Vignerová and Kolečka, she collapsed

Just a few days ago, it seemed like Aneta Vignerová was successfully getting over her breakup with director Petr Koleček, and her relatively brief relationship with actress Denisa Nesvačilová has left her cold. But in the end there was a 180 degree turn that no one expected. Vignerová spent the night with Koleček. And Nesvačil’s eyes remained only to cry.

When Aneta Vignerová learned that her longtime partner had died in the arms of actress Denisa Nesvačilová, her world collapsed. Later, she and her son moved out of Kolečkova’s house and found a new home. However, it seems that less than three months after the separation, the director and the screenwriter realized that they had made a big mistake. According to the website, he spent a few days ago eXtra.cz in the evening with her ex-partner, and from the photos that the aforementioned editorial team brought, it was clear that the couple is back very close.

An unexpected twist

Just a few weeks ago, the model in an interview for super.cz he claimed that he was in contact with Koleček only because of his son Jiřík. “There’s no danger of us going to lunch together,” she said. But now, under cover of night, they had thrown a royal party. However, Denisa Nesvačilová was not happy with their evening meeting. According to information, she too Rapid after a night out with her partner and her ex, she broke down.

Message deleted

However, Aneta Vignerová claims that there was no resumption of the relationship and that they met Koleček at the bar only by chance. “I don’t doubt that I like the person, but the meeting wasn’t really planned,” she said. On one side of her her words could serve as a consolation for Nesvačilová, but she Vignerová shouldn’t share a special message on the social network.

On Instagram, he shared Kolečka’s radio show The Painting Teacher with his followers and added a strange comment to it. “It’s not about me. But somehow I understand him more. This is great… maybe I didn’t realize how big he is to me. Overall, he is,” Vignerová wrote mysteriously, and the people could only speculate what he was trying to say with his words. Shortly thereafter, however, she deleted the special post.

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