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“Nepopa tries to lure children from schools in Limburg” | Interior

According to Kerobei, about six to seven schools in the municipality of Venlo and Peel en Maas have been approached by the man. It is known to the police that at least two schools in Beesel and Blerick were called by the anonymous caller on Monday.

First and last name

According to the police spokesman, “Grandpa Koos” asks the school employee who picks up the phone to send a child outside. He also mentions the first and last name of the child in question. The police are investigating the anonymous caller and are investigating whether the man can be prosecuted. “Many schools have received anonymous calls, but not at one,” says Hans Soentjens, chairman of the Kerobei school umbrella. “We gave that number to the police.”

The police are happy that the schools have all followed the protocol to not just give children to other people such as grandparents.

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