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Ban nitrites in processed meat to prevent cancer

Illustration of vacuum charcuterie products – Color / pixabay

On the occasion of World Cancer Control Day on February 4, associations
Foodwatch France, the
Cancer League and the app
Yuka call to
a ban on nitrites in food.

These additives added by the industry in processed meats, especially deli meats, could promote colon and stomach cancer.

Up to 4,000 new cases of cancer a year linked to the consumption of processed meat could be avoided by banning nitrites, say the three organizations.

They launched a petition in November to ban these controversial additives. Petition which has collected 180,000 signatures to date.

In this podcast, interview with Camille Dorioz, campaign manager at Foodwatch France (6 minutes). He reminds us in particular that the industry today knows how to produce delicatessen products without added nitrites.

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