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In Los Angeles, the infection number is with the Coronavirus at its peak. Well must Hollywood pause again.

The corona pandemic continues to hit various industries in a wide variety of ways. Some of them have not made any sales for months, others have to postpone orders and still others are needed more than ever. The film and television industry had to pause in many countries around the world in early 2020. Then it was possible to continue shooting with concepts.

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Hollywood pauses due to corona peak

In Germany, work resumed in the early summer. In the USA, and especially Hollywood, the industry had a long delay and suffered as a result. But even there, work on films and series was continued in the course of the year. The so-called second wave has been arriving for some time. Now, around Christmas and just before New Year’s Eve, it was clear, due to the high number of infections and the alarming conditions in the intensive care units of the local hospitals, that another break in Los Angeles would be absolutely necessary.

Series like “Navy CIS” are shifting

As reports, although there is no filming ban in Hollywood, the authorities are now asking the production studios to “pause work for a few weeks during this catastrophic wave of COVID cases”. CBS announced before the Christmas break that it would extend it until at least January 11, 2021. Series such as “Navy CIS” or “SEAL Team” are affected by the extension or postponement of the shooting.

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Since it can be assumed that other studios will follow this request from the authorities, the situation will also relate to the shooting of other large works in Hollywood. How long the interruption will last and what exactly will be affected by it remains to be seen.

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