Navarra joins the campaign ‘You do not walk alone: ​​Camino de Santiago Free of Sexist Violence’ | Radio Pamplona | Present

The Unit against Violence against Women of the Government Delegation in Navarra has joined the units of Aragón, La Rioja, Castilla y León and Galicia, autonomous communities through which the French Camino de Santiago runs. In the campaign ‘You do not walk alone: ​​Camino de Santiago Free of Sexist Violence’. Estrella Lamadrid, is head of the unit against gender violence, “This is an initiative to reinforce the safety of women who undertake this pilgrimage route alone.”

The latest data from 2018, prior to the pandemic, made it clear that 51.9% of all pilgrims are women and many do the Camino de Santiago alone. “Foreigners mostly travel alone, and in this case we must add the language problem and ignorance of the country’s customs if they suffer any problem, not just sexist violence,” he explains.

Within the campaign, “it is planned to disseminate information cards and posters in different locations on the Camino de Santiago that include a QR code that links to the telephone numbers of the resources specialized in care for women, where they will be attended in case of need. “.

The State Security Forces and Bodies design each year a specific plan for the protection of all the people who travel along the Camino de Santiago, and this year’s includes, as a main novelty, the deployment of Mobile Pilgrim Assistance Offices (OMAPs). “The Civil Guard has deployed the OMAPS on the Camino de Santiago, and one of them is fixed in Navarra, In addition, there is also Alercoops, an application that can be downloaded for free on your mobile and that works all the way because It does not depend on telephone coverage but by GPS, which provides a lot of security “


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