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National table tennis defeated Japan in five sets and will face South Korea tomorrow | Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup_Competition_Wang Manyu_Wang Chuqin

Original title: National table tennis defeated Japan in five sets and will face South Korea tomorrow | Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup

The Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup continues. In the fifth round that ended today, the Chinese team experienced its first “five-set war” since the start of the tournament, defeating the Japanese team 8-5 with difficulty. At present, the National Table Tennis Team has won all 6 games (including the victory over Sweden in the first stage), and continues to lead the standings with a total of 48 wins and 9 losses.

In the first set, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha faced off against Togami Hayabusa/Harimoto Miwa. Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha won the first game at 11:5. Starting from the second game, the Japanese team began to focus on the first three boards, especially Togami Hayabusa, whose hit rate was surprisingly high. They quickly opened the score to 7:0. Falling behind, Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha played steadily and slowly tied up at 9:9. However, the Japanese players played very decisively at the critical point and won the second game at 13:11. In the third game, Hayasuke Togami/Miwa Harimoto got the game point first at 10:7. After Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha saved two game points in a row, Hayasuke Togami and Miwa Harimoto scored the last point for Japan. The team won two games. Wang Chuqin said after the game: “I didn’t do very well in the Mixed Doubles game. I studied tactics or worked hard from behind, hoping to find better answers through this defeat.

In the second set, Wang Manyu faced off against Hina Hayata. In recent years, Hina Hayata has made rapid progress. Wang Manyu was obviously well prepared for this match. Except for being bitten by the opponent in the second game until it was tied at 9, the winner was decided. Both games were basically under Wang Manyu’s control. After three games, Wang Manyu contributed 3 points to the team. Wang Manyu expressed satisfaction with his performance: “I was a little nervous before the game, so I kept reminding myself during the game to focus on the game, carry out the preparations before the game, and try to find ways to release myself without thinking too much about the results. I think overall I did a good job.

The third set started between Fan Zhendong and Zhang Benzhihe. In the first two games, Tomokazu Harimoto not only played very proactively, but also had clear tactics. He made a fuss around Fan Zhendong’s middle position and won the first two games for the Japanese team. In the third game, Fan Zhendong strengthened his line and rhythm changes and won 11:7. After the first three sets, the Chinese team led 5-4. “I also made full preparations for difficulties, but as soon as my opponent changed, my speed of getting rid of them was still slower. Including facing this kind of competition system, I was really passive after not playing well at the beginning. Even though I won the third game, my overall performance was not particularly good. I think this game is worth summarizing.“Fan Zhendong said after the game.

In the fourth set of women’s doubles, Chen Meng/Wang Manyu and Miyu Kihara/Miwa Harimoto started a battle. They withstood the pressure after losing one game first and won two games in a row. Wang Manyu said after the game that the combination of Miyu Kihara and Miwa Harimoto is very unique and powerful, and it is really difficult to fight, “It’s pretty good to be able to win today when the opponent has a lot of luck and establish the team’s lead.

In the subsequent fifth men’s doubles set, Ma Long/Wang Chuqin scored 1-0 against Sone Sho/Togami Hayabusa, bringing an end to the 155-minute fierce battle. After the game, Wang Chuqin used the words “a last stand” to describe the game. Ma Long also felt nervous, “After all, every game in this format is very important. This is also the first men’s doubles game in this competition. I am very satisfied with the result. The last game of women’s doubles was very important. When my opponent got a set point, I came back and established a 7-5 lead. I felt much more relaxed before going on the court.

The South Korean team also continued to remain unbeaten. They narrowly defeated the German team 8-6 in today’s game. In the first set, Zhang Yuzhen/Shen Yubin took the lead in winning three games for the team, and then Shan Xiaona 3-0 Jin Naying, the two sides tied at 3-3. In the third singles set, An Jae-hyun went 1-2 to Walser, and the German team took the lead 5-4. However, in the subsequent men’s and women’s doubles matches, the Korean team still had a certain advantage and secured the final victory.

In the other two matches, the Chinese Taipei team defeated the Slovak team 8-2, while the Swedish team played 5 sets and defeated the French team 8-6 with difficulty.

December 9 results

China 8 to 5 Japan

Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha 1 to 2 Togami Hayabusa/Zhang Benmiwa (5,-11,-9)

Wang Manyu 3-0 Hayata Gina (6,9,5)

Fan Zhendong 1 to 2 Zhang Benzhihe (-3,-6,7)

Chen Meng/Wang Manyu 2 to 1 Miyu Kihara/Miwa Zhangmoto (-10,3,11)

Ma Long/Wang Chuqin 1 to 0 Seng Genxiang/Togami Hayabusa (5)

Chinese Taipei 8-3 Slovakia

Yang Jia’an/Li Yuzhen 3-0 Samuel/Raposova (9,5,8)

Chen Siyu 2 to 1 Balazova (8,-9,4)

Lin Yanjun 1 to 2 Zelinka (-7,-6,8)

Wang Chenyou/Yang Jiaan 2-0 Samuel/Zelinka (4,5)

South Korea 8-6 Germany

Zhang Yuzhen/Shen Yubin 3-0 Cedric/Winter (6,9,9)

Kim Na Young 0 to 3 Shan Xiao Na (-3, -6, -11)

Ahn Jae Hyun 1 to 2 Walser (-11, 3, -7)

Lin Jong-hoon/Ahn Jae-hyun 3-0 Cedric/Walser (4,7,10)

Tian Zhixi/Li Shiwen 1 to 1 Shan Xiaona/Wendt (-4,8)

Sweden 8-6 France

Karlsson/Christina Carlberg 1 to 2 Felix/Pavard (-6, 11, -7)

Linda 3 to 0 Yuan Jianan (8,9,18)

Anton Carlberg 1 to 2 Alex (-8,-4,3)

Karlsson/Anton Carlberg 2 to 1 Alex/Simon (10,-6,10)

Linda/Christina Carlberg 1 to 1 Lutz/Pavard (-6,5)

December 10 schedule


Germany vs Japan

Slovakia vs France


China vs South Korea

Sweden vs Chinese Taipei

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