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Novak Djokovic Criticized by French Journalists After Victory Against Alcaraz

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Winner at the end of an incredible match against Carlos Alcaraz on Sunday August 20, Novak Djokovic did not only make friends. The tennis player annoys a famous French journalist to the point, who did not hesitate to let it be known.

“Pathetic cheater”, “shameful”: Novak Djokovic atomized by two famous French journalists after his victory against Alcaraz Dailymotion

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Sunday in the final of the Cincinnati Masters 1000, the two new kings of world tennis faced each other for the third time in a short time and the meeting was epic. After the abandonment of Carlos Alcaraz at Roland-Garros, then his triumphant victory at Wimbledon, it was Novak Djokovic who had the last word this time around, after an exceptional match. After more than 3:45 games, it was therefore the 36-year-old Serb, considered one of the three best players of all time, who overcame the 20-year-old Spaniard. A clash that should certainly take place again in a few weeks on the side of New York, where the two players are expected for the US Open.

Despite the very late broadcast schedule in France, some lovers of the little yellow ball stayed up late to watch this clash of the titans. This is the case of Pierre Ménès, who is not only a football fan, but has been following tennis diligently for many years. Inveterate fan of Roger Federer, we can’t say that he carries Novak Djokovic in his heart… After the victory of the Serb, he let loose on Twitter and we can say that the 60-year-old sports journalist does not chew his words. After the dithyrambic comment of an Internet user on the quality of the match and the talent of the one who is nicknamed the Djoker, the latter retorts vehemently: “It proves above all that he is a pathetic cheat. At the start of the 2nd (set, editor’s note) he outright called the funeral directors. Exceptional match that said.”

Daniel Riolo and Pierre Ménès, same fight

A huge tackle from Pierre Ménès, who criticizes Novak Djokovic for doing too much on the field and he is not the only one to think that. If he too specializes in football, Daniel Riolo is nonetheless an informed observer of the world of tennis. Also a big fan of Roger Federer, he also has a lot of trouble with the performance of his Serbian rival. “We haven’t talked enough about the absolutely phenomenal match Alcaraz against Djokovic last night. Well, as too often, Djoko had a deplorable and shameful attitude for a sportsman of his level, but hey, breathtaking match despite that” analyzes the companion of Géraldine Maillet.

Far from being fans of Novak Djokovic, Pierre Ménès and Daniel Riolo at least have the merit of saying what they think!

The sequel after the ad

The sequel after the ad

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