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National Police Officer Ipda Subandi Receives Award for Quick Response and Paralyzing Persecution Perpetrator in Bogor City


Kasubnit Gakkum Satlantas Bogor City Police, Ipda Subandi, received an award from the Head of Bogor City Police, Kombes Bismo Teguh Prakoso, because of his quick response in paralyzing the man who was wearing a gun. persecution residents on Jl Sholeh Iskandar, Bogor City. What is Subandi’s figure like?

Subandi is a man who has been a member of the National Police for 20 years. After 18 years serving in the Brimob unit, Subandi was then assigned to the West Java Regional Police after completing his education and holding a S.Ip degree.

While at Brimob, Subandi took part in several assignments in several areas. These include the Aceh Monitoring Mission (AMM) in 2005, Mutiara Operations 1 and 2 Ambon in 2006 and 2007, and the 6th Amole Operation in Timika, Papua.

Subandi himself started joining the Bogor City Police Traffic Unit in March 2023. Previously, Subandi was Platoon Commander (Danton) of the Mass Decomposition Unit (Raimas).

This father of three children said he took action after seeing the victim bleeding and worried that something worse might happen. His experience at Brimob made Subandi not hesitate to arrest the perpetrator who was holding the machete.

“Actually, I’m not that great at self-defense, but that’s because in Brimob, if I do the right thing, I can face whatever it is. So I can put into practice the courage I instilled in Brimob. This is the first time I’ve met perpetrators like this. that,” said Subandi when recounting the incident that occurred on Sunday (14/1).

Because of his brave actions, the bergol man with the initials DH was paralyzed and handed over to the Bogor City Police Criminal Investigation Unit for further investigation.

Subandi’s courage and speed of response to public complaints was appreciated by Bogor City Police Chief Commissioner Bismo Teguh Prakoso.

“I appreciate the quick response to public information related to yesterday’s information, after the brong exhaust operation, there was a commotion in front of the apartment where the perpetrator broke glass, then there was a victim who was assaulted and there was a perpetrator who was carrying a sharp weapon, and there are also indications against the officers, the perpetrators,” said Bismo when leading the rally and giving awards to Ipda Subandi, Monday (15/1).

“Well, this is good, thank you from Mr. Subandi, first responding quickly to the public’s complaint, even if he was alone, then don’t bring a gun and have the courage to face it, dare to secure it, dare to catch the perpetrator too. So even if the perpetrator carries a spear, Mr. Subandi “With self-defense techniques, the National Police managed to paralyze the perpetrator,” he added.


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