National Coach Congratulates Spain: A Fair Champion of the European Championship

National coach congratulated Spain

Photo: FPP

The women’s national coach gave his hand, considering that Spain was a fair champion of the European Championship, after beating Portugal.

“I want to congratulate Spain. They won the European Championship. We just have to keep our heads held high”, Hélder Antunes began by mentioning, and then took on the ‘expenses’ of the result.

“The only person responsible for not winning this competition is me. I accept that without any problem. We were unable to translate what we produced into a goal. We managed to make Spain tremble, but that comes down to who puts the balls in the goal.”

Marlene Sousa confessed to being a “very proud” captain. “We left everything on the field. Congratulations to Spain for the way they work with women’s hockey.”

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2023-12-09 23:01:00
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