NASA publishes an amazing photo of volcanic eruptions on Venus

From the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD to the eruption of Mount Pelé in 1902, several catastrophic volcanic eruptions have occurred on Earth, but the new image published by NASA reveals that the volcanic eruptions are on Venus Different, as NASA said: “Evidence of the presence of currently active volcanoes on Venus was announced earlier this year with the unexplained warmth of areas believed to contain only ancient volcanoes. Although large images of Venus were taken with radar,” NASA said. Thick sulfuric acid clouds prevent visual light horizons from capturing.”

Volcanic eruption

In the photo, a massive plume can be seen coming from an erupting volcano, while vast lava fields cover the planet’s surface, and Venus’ surface temperatures are about 465 degrees Celsius – hot enough to melt lead.

According to the British “Mirror” website, early studies indicate that volcanoes could play a major role in the life cycle on Venus..

NASA added: “Volcanoes can play an important role in the life cycle of Venus because they can push chemical foods into a cooler atmosphere where hungry microbes may float.”.”

The picture comes shortly after scientists discovered signs of life on Venus, as an international team of astronomers, led by Cardiff University, discovered a rare molecule called phosphine in the clouds of Venus, according to the researchers, the discovery indicates the existence of extraterrestrial life on Venus..


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