Nadine Kessler, UEFA’s most respected voice

The pioneers of women’s football will have their recognition on November 15 at the 1st European Women’s Soccer Gala held at the Old Estrella Damm Factory in Barcelona. Names that have gone down in history like that of Nadine Kessler del Wolfsburg, Kelly Smith from Arsenal, Brigit Prinz, Nadine Angerer and Celia Sase del Frankfurt, Fara Williams del Liverpool, Alex Scott from Arsenal, Silvia Neid del victories, Sandnine Sontegrand of Juvisy and Camille Abily del Lyon are candidates to obtain this precious award given by Visa.

All of them have become references for this current generation of footballers who win prizes and titles with their clubs and national teams.

The german Nadine Kessler It is a capital reference. The former footballer is now the head of women’s football at UEFA, where her voice is highly respected. “We need more clubs, federations and government bodies that invest to provide professional structures from which more players can benefit,” she pointed out in a recent interview to position herself as one of the biggest promoters of women’s football.

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Begoña Villarrubia

Footballer Flor Bonsegundo celebrates a goal

We were able to see her recently in the Johan Cruyff Stadium when presenting the UEFA awards to the Barça players Alexia Putellas, Jenni Hermoso, Sandra Paños and Irene Paredes.

She herself already won the Ballon d’Or in 2014 ahead of the Brazilian Marta Vieira and the american Abby Wambach. Her career in the Bundesliga, with six League titles and two Cups, as well as her three Champions League titles with Turbine Potsdam and Wolfsbuirg and her Euro Cup with Germany in 2013 make Nadine Kessler a firm contender for the award.

Visa and LaLiga launch ‘The Second Half’

Visa, the world’s leading digital payments company, has announced the launch in Spain of ‘The Second Half’, a plan launched in collaboration with LaLiga. It is a professional development program that aims to help female athletes in their professional careers once they retire from soccer. Spain is the second country in Europe to have this initiative, which Visa already launched at the beginning of the year in the United Kingdom for both active and retired professional footballers.


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